‘He Had a Life Before Death’: Remembering Emmett Till for the Child He Was

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Emmett Till’s relative Ollie Gordon recalled him arsenic a jokester who “loved to marque radical laugh” arsenic she reflected connected their puerility unneurotic up of what would person been his 80th birthday.

Emmett Till was 14 successful  1955, erstwhile   helium  was kidnapped, tortured and murdered successful  Mississippi.
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Adeel Hassan

July 24, 2021, 7:00 a.m. ET

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Ollie Gordon was lone 7 years aged successful August 1955, erstwhile the beingness that she shared with 3 generations of her family, including her relative Emmett Till, connected the South Side of Chicago was overturned.

Emmett, 14, had traveled to sojourn relatives successful the Mississippi Delta, wherever helium was abducted by 2 achromatic men. His assemblage was recovered days aboriginal successful a river, mutilated and beaten with a slug successful the head.

“That was the archetypal decease that my parents and siblings had experienced,” Ms. Gordon said successful an interrogation this week. “Then to cognize that helium was taken by achromatic men — we would person nightmares that idiosyncratic was going to travel and instrumentality us.”

Ms. Gordon, 73, reflected connected her cousin’s beingness up of what would person been his 80th day connected Sunday, arsenic good arsenic connected the echoes of his decease successful the events of 2020, with the sidesplitting of George Floyd besides galvanizing a civilian rights movement.

“I recognize it erstwhile idiosyncratic is called ‘the caller Emmett Till,’” she said. “They don’t cognize what other to comparison it to. A lynching tin inactive beryllium a lynching without the hanging.”

The past 18 months person besides been a play of heavy idiosyncratic symptom for Ms. Gordon. Her daughter, Airickca Gordon-Taylor, who led an enactment dedicated to preserving the bequest of Emmett and his mother, died successful March aft surviving with kidney problems for decades.


Credit...Rory Doyle for The New York Times

I spoke with her this week, and our speech beneath has been condensed and lightly edited.

Most radical retrieve Emmett Till for his death, but you knew him successful life. What bash you retrieve of your clip unneurotic successful Chicago?

We really lived successful the aforesaid apartment. My parents migrated from Mississippi to Chicago successful the aboriginal ’50s, and I was calved successful ’48. We lived successful the household building.

I was astir him erstwhile I was 3 to 7. He was much of a sibling than a cousin.

He was a jokester; helium loved to marque radical laugh. There was a clip erstwhile helium took 2 dollar bills, and successful betwixt them helium had chopped up paper pages to the aforesaid size. With a dollar measure connected the apical and 1 connected the bottom, it looked similar helium made a large wad of money. He showed it to his mom. She asked: “Where did you get each this wealth from?” He was lying down connected the level laughing.

I retrieve riding astir the vicinity with his ma to look for him erstwhile helium was retired past his curfew. His ma was azygous at the time, truthful helium had chores and responsibilities. He was precise susceptible of paying the bills — the state bills and the airy bills — and cleaning up the house.

He had a stutter, due to the fact that helium had polio erstwhile helium was younger and it near him with a code impediment. He did OK successful school, but helium wasn’t a person of school. He did capable to get by, due to the fact that his ma was connected him. He had a aureate retriever named Mike, and helium was precise fond of the dog.

Tell maine much astir what Emmett was like.

He would spell implicit to the A&P, and helium would assistance customers instrumentality their groceries location to gain spending money. His grandma made definite that helium was precise respectful to the older people. He would shovel the snowfall and rake the leaves for neighbors.

He was the lone kid and his parent doted connected him. He was spoiled, but helium was loved and disciplined. They had rules and expectations of him arsenic a young man.


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I retrieve our past Christmas together, successful December 1954. He had gotten that large chapeau you spot him wearing successful each his pictures. He was leaning connected the TV and myself and my siblings are sitting connected the sofa.

What was beingness similar successful 1955?

He wanted this motorbike — well, not similar the ones you person contiguous — but a motorcycle with an engine. But his ma thought helium was conscionable going to termination himself connected it. He besides wanted to spell sojourn Mississippi. He was begging his ma truthful hard and she gave successful and fto him go.

She thought that by going to Mississippi, helium would beryllium safer than getting connected the bike. So she taught him however to behave and however to enactment cautiously due to the fact that Mississippi was antithetic from what helium was utilized to.

What bash you callback from proceeding the quality of his sidesplitting that August?

I retrieve however sick his parent got. She got deathly sick astatine astir the clip helium was abducted. It’s a mother’s instinct, she didn’t cognize it astatine the time.


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Of course, erstwhile the telephone telephone came, we had a beauteous blessed home; past determination was a batch of screaming and crying. That was the archetypal decease that my parents and siblings had experienced. Then to cognize that helium was taken by achromatic men — we would person nightmares that idiosyncratic was going to travel and instrumentality us.

Sunday would person been his 80th birthday. Do you retrieve celebrating immoderate of his birthdays with him?

I don’t, but I’m definite that we had a barroom oregon something.

And then, my girl and I ever went to the cemetery and released balloons together. We wanted to retrieve his life, helium had a beingness earlier death. Emmett and his ma are buried astir a artifact and a fractional apart. My girl is adjacent to his mom.

I’m truthful atrocious for your loss.

Airickca fought to support justness for Emmett. She died astatine the onset of the microorganism successful March 2020. My girl was moving with a batch of mothers who mislaid their children to hatred crimes.


Credit...Rory Doyle for The New York Times

She founded the Mamie Till Mobley Memorial Foundation. At 1 point, she had an altercation with Lil Wayne. That’s erstwhile the instauration truly got discovered, and parents started coming to us. So my kid was looking for justness for Emmett, but on the mode she helped motivate different parents.

What person the past 16 months been similar for you?

I person not done a batch successful the past twelvemonth due to the fact that I mislaid my child, and she was my lone child, and that was precise grievous. For me, I’ve mislaid truthful galore radical that the coiled conscionable deepens further. I had bosom cancer. The past twelvemonth and a fractional person not been casual for me, arsenic I person pre-existing conditions.

How did the sidesplitting of George Floyd and each that followed impact you?

It does thing to my spirit. Sometimes I don’t privation to ticker the news. The constabulary killings are lynchings, and I can’t telephone them thing else.

Emmett, and present George Floyd begging for his mama.


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Emmett’s ma utilized to outcry each azygous day. She was a teacher, and she would beryllium successful her schoolroom and cry. Her students would notice. She cried from the time of Emmett’s execution to the time she died.

I mislaid my kid and I was with her. Emmett was not with his ma and helium died successful a horrible, abusive way. I can’t accidental that I person that benignant of pain. I person symptom that penetrates, but her symptom is of a magnitude that I cannot imagine.

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