‘He Is One Of The Victims': Attorney for Man Rescued From Plano Home Explosion

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Five days aft an explosion paralyzed a Plano neighborhood, galore questions remain.

“We conscionable privation answers, my neighbors and friends conscionable privation to cognize that we're harmless successful our homes,” said neighbour James Pratt.

Plano Fire-Rescue said Tuesday the blast was apt caused by an isolated state leak. The adjacent time they said it whitethorn person been caused intentionally.


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Friday, members of the AFT were backmost on-scene.

Pratt said backstage investigators hired connected behalf of immoderate homeowners were, too.

“They're flying drones implicit the tract and gathering accusation truthful that they tin find what caused the explosion,” Pratt said.

Pratt says he's 1 of astatine slightest 8 homeowners who've hired lawyer Ted Lyon, the aforesaid lawyer who sued ATMOS Energy aft an detonation astatine a Dallas location successful 2018 killed 12-year-old Michellita Rogers.

“Some of my friends and neighbors are going to beryllium displaced from their homes for implicit a twelvemonth portion their homes are repaired and we conscionable privation to cognize why,” Pratt said.

Two of the six radical injured successful Monday's blast stay hospitalized including hubby and begetter Philip Jagielski and the antheral who lived successful the location that exploded. He was identified by his lawyer arsenic Joseph Kupfor.

“Earlier contiguous helium underwent different surgical procedure,” said Kupfor’s lawyer Scott Becker, with the instrumentality steadfast McCathern, Shokouhi, Evans & Grinke.

Becker says his steadfast was retained by Kupfor's household to perchance prosecute a civilian claim. When asked astir what investigators accidental whitethorn person happened, Becker said, “I deliberation that this timeline is remarkably speedy. I’m struck by that. I'm astonished by that.”

Becker says helium hasn't been capable to talk with his lawsuit oregon investigators yet, and close now, helium said that isn't the focus. “As this communicative keeps developing, I privation everyone to retrieve he’s warring for his beingness and helium is 1 of the victims successful this case,” Becker said.

In a connection this week, ATMOS Energy said it "completed its information checks and ruled retired engagement of its system" successful Monday’s explosion.

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