‘He's My Hero': Parents Remember Texas Marine Killed in Kabul Airport Bombing

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Through tears, Elizabeth Holguin talks astir her son.

"He was a large kid,” Holguin said. “He was my son."

A marine she says was killed successful the termination bomber onslaught successful Afghanistan.

"He's my hero,” Holguin said. “My marine and he's served his country."

The household said subject is what helium ever wanted to bash since helium was astir 14 years old.

"I deliberation each veterans are going to beryllium disturbed,” The Veterans Center of North Texas Executive Director Paul Hendricks said.

Hendricks is besides a seasoned of the Vietnam War and knows what’s happening successful Afghanistan tin trigger different veterans.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"There was surely a wide exodus retired of Vietnam conscionable similar determination is going connected contiguous with Afghanistan," Hendricks said.

He knows veterans of erstwhile wars oregon adjacent from this 1 whitethorn request help.  Their nonprofit is 1 that provides resources.

"We're present to supply referral,” Hendricks said. “Where tin I spell to get services successful the assemblage and assistance connected that integration and conscionable assistance to beryllium unchangeable successful the community.  And past we bash person resources to supply nonstop fiscal assistance if that's warranted."

Hendricks added for galore veterans seeing what's happening overseas oregon conscionable returning from Afghanistan affectional enactment is astir important.

"I deliberation we request to beryllium acceptable to scope retired and enactment our arms astir them and accidental what tin I bash to assistance you," Hendricks said.

To larn much astir The Veterans Center of North Texas click here.

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