Here Are the Details of the Final Version of Texas' Voting Bill

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The sweeping changes to Texas’ predetermination codification present awaiting GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s signature would marque it harder — sometimes adjacent legally riskier — to formed a ballot successful the state, which already has immoderate of the nation’s astir restrictive voting laws.

Democrats gridlocked the authorities Capitol for 38 consecutive days aft much than 50 fled to Washington, D.C., successful July to contradict Republicans a quorum, which is required to behaviour the state’s business. Enough of them returned little than 2 weeks agone to extremity the impasse, and GOP leaders made speedy enactment of pushing the measure done some chambers connected Tuesday. Abbott instantly said he’ll motion it.

Here’s a person look astatine what’s successful the last mentation of the legislation:


Some of the astir important changes successful the Texas authorities concerns partisan canvass watchers, the volunteers deployed by some large parties to observe voting and counting. As precocious arsenic 1962, Republican canvass watchers successful immoderate parts of Texas challenged Black and Latino voters to work and explicate the U.S. Constitution earlier casting ballots arsenic portion of a run dubbed “Operation Eagle Eye.” In 2020, then-President Donald Trump cited unverified observations from GOP canvass watchers to dispersed uncertainty astir the results and marque mendacious claims of fraud.

The last connection of the omnibus measure gives partisan canvass watchers caller access, protections and power. The authorities makes it a Class A misdemeanor — comparable to burglary of a conveyance — for an predetermination authoritative to cull an appointed canvass watcher. Under the measure, anyone who knowingly obstructs a canvass watcher’s presumption besides commits a ineligible offense. The measure states the watchers whitethorn person “free movement” astir the voting facilities and whitethorn “sit oregon basal adjacent capable to perceive oregon spot the activity.” Texas instrumentality inactive prohibits canvass watchers from watching idiosyncratic really formed a ballot. However, they whitethorn observe the transportation of voting data.

The authorities empowers canvass watchers to writer and question tribunal orders against predetermination officials who get successful their way. The caller proposals would besides necessitate canvass watchers to curse an oath that they volition not harass voters and implicit a grooming anterior to participating for which they indispensable amusement a certificate upon arrival.

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Poll watchers whitethorn lone beryllium removed for violating predetermination instrumentality if the usurpation is witnessed by the predetermination clerk oregon justice and for violations of the penal code.

Republicans reason these changes are needed due to the fact that voters volition lone spot elections if their representatives person escaped entree to conscionable astir each facet of voting and counting. But Democrats and civilian rights organizations interest astir the past of Texas conservatives utilizing canvass watchers to intimidate radical and taste number voters.


The authorities written by Republicans explicitly rolls backmost ways Democratic counties person made it easier for radical to vote, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic. It bans driblet boxes for message ballots — a signifier that has been utilized for years successful different states with nary large problems — and prohibits the mailing of absentee voting applications and ballots to each eligible voters. The measure besides makes it a felony for immoderate predetermination authoritative who sends retired unsolicited applications oregon ballots to vote-by-mail.

The GOP measure besides bans drive-thru voting for astir voters and controls the times astatine which region governments tin support polling places open. That would enactment a halt to 24-hour voting locations. Houston’s Harris County — 1 of the nation’s largest, astir racially divers areas — says 140,000 voters utilized its drive-thru and 24-hour locations successful November.

Republicans reason that these procedures were utilized during the ongoing but once-in-a-century pandemic and shouldn’t beryllium regular features of voting successful the state. Democrats and voting rights groups accidental those measures simply marque it easier for radical to formed ballots and particularly helped moving class, young and sick voters entree the polls.

Two provisions of the measure marque voting much convenient, by extending aboriginal voting hours and mandating that workplaces let employees to marque a travel to the polls during either aboriginal voting oregon connected Election Day.


Texas is already 1 of the hardest states successful the federation successful which to ballot by mail. The process is constricted to those 65 and older, voters who volition beryllium retired of authorities during the predetermination oregon radical with disabilities. But aft Trump objected to message voting during his failed reelection bid, Republicans successful Texas and elsewhere turned against the method and person been anxious to tighten regulations connected it.

The Texas measure adds much steps and paperwork for voters, including requirements to see their driver’s licence number, predetermination recognition certificate oregon the last 4 digits of their Social Security fig and an “ink-on-paper” signature that tin verifiably beryllium matched with immoderate antecedently filed signature successful corresponding Texas Department of Public Safety records.

Opponents of the proviso — somewhat akin to 1 that passed successful Georgia — accidental it would make different accidental for voters to marque insignificant mistakes that could effect successful ballots being thrown out.

The caller proposals partially code that concern. Voters who taxable ballots earlier Election Day would beryllium notified of problems and allowed to spell to an elections bureau to hole immoderate issues that tin disqualify the vote, specified arsenic a mismatched signature, portion immoderate qualifying voters whitethorn beryllium capable to close mistakes online.


The Texas bill, like others projected this year, creates oregon expands respective transgression violations involving elections, immoderate of which are broadly defined and could ensnare voters oregon those who assistance them. Republicans contend they’re indispensable to forestall fraud oregon improper power connected voters. Democrats note, accurately, that elector fraud is exceedingly rare. The state’s Republican lawyer wide dedicated millions of dollars to elector fraud investigations since past twelvemonth but has lone turned up a fistful of cases successful a authorities wherever much than 11 cardinal radical voted successful November.

The measure expands an existing mandate that radical who assistance voters with ballots supply accusation connected the envelope attesting to their role. Under the legislation, anyone who helps a elector implicit a ballot indispensable besides taxable their name, address, narration and details of whether they were paid by a run oregon governmental committee and instrumentality an oath, nether punishment of perjury. Voters who can’t implicit a ballot connected their ain oregon work the ballot are allowed to ballot with assistance.

In a triumph for disablement advocates who said the clause required disclosure of idiosyncratic oregon aesculapian information, the bill’s last connection amended the oath to not obligate voting assistants to pledge they certified the elector was eligible owed to a disablement oregon inability to work the ballot.

The authorities besides requires section predetermination officials to notation each cases of improperly formed ballots to the authorities lawyer general. Voting rights groups interest this could beryllium abused to prosecute communal errors, specified arsenic a elector failing to update registration erstwhile moving counties. Republicans reason this is simply a common-sense mode to forestall fraud.

Language that would person shielded radical with felony convictions from prosecution if they formed a ballot without knowing they were ineligible to ballot was chopped retired astatine the past minute. It was 1 the fewer areas of bipartisan statement and overwhelmingly approved successful the House pursuing backlash implicit the arrests of 2 Texas voters, some of whom are Black, which intensified disapproval amid a broader combat implicit voting restrictions that opponents accidental disproportionately interaction radical of color. GOP lawmakers successful the Senate rejected the change.

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