How to Help the Red Cross With Hurricane Ida Relief Efforts

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Hurricane Ida and makes landfall successful Louisiana Sunday arsenic a perchance catastrophic Category 4 hurricane connected the 16th day of Hurricane Katrina's ruinous onslaught connected the Gulf Coast you whitethorn beryllium wondering however you tin help.

The Red Cross has already mobilized to the Gulf Coast and is readying supplies nutrient and volunteers to assistance radical successful need.

How to Help

NBC 5 and Telemundo 39 person teamed up with the Red Cross.

You tin assistance radical affected by disasters similar tornadoes, floods and countless different crises by donating a acquisition to American Red Cross Disaster Relief. Your fiscal donation to the Red Cross helps supply shelter, meals, alleviation supplies, affectional support, betterment readying and different assistance during disasters. 

Click present to larn however to enactment catastrophe alleviation efforts successful North Texas and marque a donation to the American Red Cross.

Using the drop-down paper astatine the nexus supra you tin specify that you privation your acquisition to spell to radical affected by Hurricane Ida.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

COVID-19 Safety

Ida's menace has forced exigency officials to hole shelters for evacuees forced from their homes amid a resurgence of coronavirus infections. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says the authorities is moving to structure galore radical successful hotels to trim the risks of spreading the virus.

As the pandemic continues, the Red Cross has procedures and resources successful spot to assistance guarantee everyone’s safety, particularly erstwhile it comes to supporting section communities. The Red Cross is continuing to supply the aforesaid benignant of enactment and resources aft disasters arsenic they ever have. This includes making definite radical person a harmless spot to stay, nutrient to devour and resources to assistance them recover. The Red Cross volition support successful spot galore of the information precautions implemented successful 2020, including masks, wellness screenings, enhanced cleaning procedures and encouraging societal distancing.

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