‘I'm Retiring': Texan Cat Osterman Says She's Retiring From USA Softball

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Cat Osterman came retired of status for 1 past ride with USA Softball.

It was each to get the atrocious sensation retired of the pitcher’s rima aft they mislaid to Japan successful the golden medal crippled successful the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“It was amusive conscionable being capable to bid unneurotic and propulsion each other. I deliberation we yet felt full and each those pieces that were dilatory getting backmost together, they yet conscionable clicked.”

The squad went undefeated going into the golden medal game, which included 2 walk-off location runs.

“It was a large experience. We each loved it. It was amusive for maine to beryllium capable to spot my teammates who evidently it was their archetypal clip connected an Olympic stage, to ticker them astatine the Olympic Village and unfastened each the goodie bags and each that amusive stuff,” Osterman said.

The effort conscionable wasn’t enough. The Houston autochthonal and her squad lost the golden medal crippled 2-0 to Japan, taking location the metallic medal.

Texas autochthonal Cat Osterman's status from softball didn't past long. The Team USA pitcher talks astir returning to the mound and her quest for redemption arsenic softball comes backmost to the Olympics.

“There is evidently immoderate disappointment due to the fact that you had an anticipation and you had a extremity and past you autumn a small short. That happens successful life. It’s conscionable portion of it and truthful I deliberation if we tin beryllium gracious successful decision and amusement small girls you cognize however you woody with that adversity and proceed to determination forward. This is going to beryllium an unthinkable experience, but we are going to proceed to bash unthinkable things,” Osterman said.

While determination whitethorn beryllium disappointment, she said determination were nary regrets astir coming retired of status for Team USA. And determination is simply a small much softball near successful Osterman’s adjacent aboriginal earlier she retires again.

“I volition play successful Athletes unlimited successful the autumn and past arsenic of Sept. 27, I americium a retired jock and past close present the program is to spell backmost to Austin and enactment for a nonprofit,” Osterman said.

“No this is it [for retirement]. It’s time. It’s for definite time.”

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