In Ida's Wake, No Quick Relief in Sight for Louisiana

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Louisiana residents inactive reeling from flooding and harm caused by Hurricane Ida scrambled for food, gas, h2o and alleviation from the sweltering vigor arsenic thousands of enactment workers toiled to reconstruct energy and officials vowed to acceptable up much sites wherever radical could get escaped meals and chill off.

Power and h2o outages affected hundreds of thousands of people, galore of them with nary mode to get contiguous relief.

“I don’t person a car. I don’t person nary prime but to stay,” said Charles Harris, 58, arsenic helium looked for a spot to devour Tuesday successful a New Orleans’ vicinity wherever Ida snapped inferior poles and brought down powerfulness lines 2 days earlier.

Harris had nary entree to a generator and said the vigor was starting to deterioration him down. New Orleans and the remainder of the portion were nether a vigor advisory, with forecasters saying the operation of precocious temperatures and humidity could marque it consciousness similar 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41 degrees Celsius) connected Wednesday.

New Orleans officials announced 7 places astir the metropolis wherever radical could get a repast and beryllium successful aerial conditioning. The metropolis was besides utilizing 70 transit buses arsenic cooling sites and volition person drive-thru food, h2o and crystal organisation locations acceptable up connected Wednesday, Mayor LaToya Cantrell said. Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards said authorities officials besides were moving to acceptable up organisation locations successful different areas astir the state.

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Cantrell ordered a nighttime curfew Tuesday, calling it an effort to forestall transgression aft Hurricane Ida near the full metropolis without power. Police Chief Shaun Ferguson said determination had been immoderate arrests for stealing.

The mayor, additionally, said she expects the main powerfulness company, Entergy, to beryllium capable to supply immoderate energy to the metropolis by Wednesday evening, though she stressed that doesn’t mean a speedy citywide restoration. Entergy was looking astatine 2 options to “begin powering captious infrastructure successful the country specified arsenic hospitals, nursing homes and archetypal responders,” the institution said successful a quality release.

Cantrell acknowledged determination would vexation successful the days ahead.

“We cognize it’s hot. We cognize we bash not person immoderate power, and that continues to beryllium a priority,” she told a quality conference.

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards warned radical who evacuated southeast Louisiana to debar Ida that it is not a bully clip to instrumentality to the region.

Edwards connected Tuesday surveyed harm from the storm, which caused monolithic flooding and operation harm successful Houma, LaPlace and different communities extracurricular New Orleans.

The obstruction land of Grand Isle, which bore Ida's afloat fury, is “uninhabitable,” with each gathering damaged, Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng told a quality conference. There are besides galore breaks successful the levee strategy and a beardown odor of earthy gas, she said.

The fig of deaths from the hurricane climbed to astatine slightest 4 successful Louisiana and Mississippi, including 2 radical killed Monday nighttime erstwhile 7 vehicles plunged into a 20-foot-deep (6-meter-deep) spread adjacent Lucedale, Mississippi, wherever a road had collapsed aft torrential rains.

Among the clang victims was Kent Brown, a “well-liked,” 49-year-old begetter of two, his member Keith Brown said successful a telephone interrogation connected Tuesday. Keith Brown said his member was successful operation but had been retired of enactment for a while. He didn’t cognize wherever his member was headed erstwhile the clang happened.

Edwards said helium expects the decease toll to rise.

Hundreds of houses are inactive surrounded by h2o successful LaPlace, Louisiana, aft Ida swept done the region.

More than 1 cardinal homes and businesses successful Louisiana and Mississippi were near without powerfulness erstwhile Ida slammed the electrical grid connected Sunday with its 150 mph (240 kph) winds, toppling a large transmission operation and knocking retired thousands of miles of lines and hundreds of substations.

An estimated 25,000-plus inferior workers labored to reconstruct electricity, but officials said it could instrumentality weeks.

Kisha Brown, a aesculapian receptionist who rode retired the tempest with her 2 daughters astatine her apartment, was among hundreds of radical who turned to 1 of the sites successful New Orleans distributing escaped meals. She mislaid her powerfulness and said her nutrient proviso was dwindling. But her different large interest was the heat.

“My past edifice would astir apt beryllium to spell to the hospital,” she said. "They’ll fto maine successful if I amusement my ID.”

Other residents relied connected generators, raising concerns astir c monoxide poisoning. Our Lady of the Lake infirmary successful Baton Rouge had already treated much than a twelve radical for c monoxide poisoning by precocious Tuesday afternoon, spokesperson Ryan Cross said.

Elsewhere successful New Orleans, drivers lined up for astir a quarter-mile, waiting to get into a Costco that was 1 of the fewer spots successful the metropolis with gasoline. At different state stations, motorists occasionally pulled up to the pumps, saw the handles covered successful integrative bags and drove off.

About 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of the metropolis successful LaPlace, Enola Vappie and her sons sat successful her carport hoping to drawback a breeze arsenic the somesthesia wrong her damaged location creeped up without powerfulness to tally aerial conditioning.

The 78-year-old Vappie was 1 of astir 441,000 radical crossed the authorities to suffer h2o aft floodwaters and powerfulness outages crippled attraction plants. But she was already reasoning astir what she'll bash erstwhile it comes back.

“I can’t hold to person a bully bubble bath," she said. "I mightiness unrecorded successful that tub.”

In parts of Louisiana ravaged by Hurricane Ida, the powerfulness mightiness not beryllium backmost connected for weeks, says NBC's Jay Gray. So residents with damaged homes are being asked not to travel backmost close now. With nary power, "there's truly thing you tin bash present close now," Gray explained.

Deslatte reported from Thibodaux, Louisiana. Associated Press writers Janet McConnaughey, Rebecca Santana and Stacey Plaisance successful New Orleans; Jay Reeves successful Houma, Louisiana; Travis Loller successful Nashville, Tennessee; and Sudhin Thanawala successful Atlanta contributed to this report.

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