Investigation Finds No Evidence That Richardson Police Use Illegal Ticket Quotas

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An outer instrumentality steadfast has recovered nary grounds that the Richardson Police Department is illegally employing quotas connected postulation citations.

The instrumentality steadfast was charged by the City of Richardson with conducting an independent investigation successful April aft a Richardson constabulary serviceman appeared earlier the City Council and alleged the usage of a summons quota argumentation successful usurpation of authorities law.

Investigators recovered that portion the Richardson Police Department uses statistic to find patrol serviceman productivity, determination was nary grounds that the section requires a predetermined fig of immoderate benignant of activity, including postulation citations.


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There was besides nary grounds of immoderate disciplinary enactment being taken against officers who failed to contented a definite fig of postulation tickets, Richardson officials said.

Richardson Police Department Chief Gary Tittle announced during a City Council gathering that respective actions would beryllium taken successful effect to the probe findings.

Command unit volition beryllium directed to reenforce the Department's presumption that determination are nary summons quotas required successful the section and that a summons quota volition not beryllium tolerated, Tittle said.

Officers volition beryllium notified that postulation stops are inactive an important portion of their regular duties and volition proceed to beryllium used, among assorted different metrics, to measure serviceman productivity.

Tittle besides said that each productivity reports volition beryllium standardized to make a accordant signifier for each supervisory unit to usage erstwhile evaluating serviceman performance.

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