Investigation Identifies Remains of Dallas Man Found In Montana Wilderness

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Investigators utilizing forensic genealogy person been capable to place quality remains recovered successful a southwestern Montana wilderness country 7 years agone arsenic a Texas antheral who was past seen by his parents successful 2011, Granite County Sheriff Scott Dunkerson said.

Earlier this year, Dunkerson and the Missoula County acold lawsuit squad partnered with Texas DNA laboratory Othram Inc. to comparison DNA gathered from the skeletonized remains to commercialized DNA databases. The laboratory identified 2 radical believed to beryllium the parents of the man.

The authorities transgression laboratory conducted DNA investigating connected samples from the parents to corroborate the remains belonged to David Jon Milek of Dallas, who was 32 erstwhile helium went missing.

Dunkerson called the man's household this week to corroborate the results, The Montana Standard reported. He said they were thankful to yet cognize what happened to their son.

Milek's origin of decease could not beryllium determined astatine autopsy, but based connected different facts learned during the investigation, foul play is not suspected, Dunkerson said.

A hiker recovered Milek's remains on with a sleeping bag, jeans, a knit cap, snake boots and a weapon connected Aug. 11, 2014, successful the Welcome Creek Wilderness country successful the Lolo National Forest astir 25 miles southeast of Missoula.

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