Iowa Race Track Cuts Ties With Announcer After Racist Rant

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An Iowa contention way said Thursday that it volition chopped ties with an announcer who went connected a racist rant against Black fans and athletes who kneel during the nationalist anthem arsenic a protestation against radical inequality.

The Kossuth County Speedway successful Algona, Iowa, said its leaders “do not condone” the comments made by the announcer earlier the races connected July 15, but it called them an isolated incident.

The speedway and the county’s just committee said its absorption did not perceive the announcer's comments erstwhile helium said them, and that they lone came to their attraction done a societal media station earlier Thursday.

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In its statement, the speedway said the antheral who made the comments was filling successful for its pb announcer and would not beryllium employed astatine immoderate aboriginal way events.

“It was not okay, and it volition not beryllium happening again,” the connection said. “Kossuth County Speedway looks guardant to proving to our fans, drivers and crews that we tin and volition bash better.”

The announcer’s comments were broadcast connected FloRacing, which provides livestreams of racing events. FloRacing said successful a connection Thursday that it had removed the lawsuit broadcast and that the announcer's “opinions and connection bash not bespeak our halfway values oregon person a spot connected our platform.”

In video posted Thursday connected Twitter, the announcer told the assemblage helium wanted to marque “a societal work announcement” earlier the nationalist anthem. He condemned those who “won’t basal for our flag” oregon who “take a knee” during the anthem.

“I’ve got 4 words for you: Find a antithetic state if you won’t bash it,” helium said. “Get the hellhole retired of dodge.”

Cheers successful the assemblage tin beryllium heard astatine that point. The announcer added that helium was outraged that the NFL is considering playing the Black nationalist anthem earlier games this play “for those folks, I conjecture the darker toned tegument color, I’ll conscionable say, Blacks.”

“They privation a antithetic nationalist anthem and the NFL is reasoning astir doing it,” helium said. “I conscionable accidental unopen the TVs disconnected and fto them play successful beforehand of nobody.”

The speedway didn’t sanction the announcer oregon respond to a petition for his name. But Fairmont Raceway successful Fairmont, Minnesota, identified him connected its Facebook leafage arsenic its longtime way announcer, Lon Oelke.

Fairmont Raceway promoter Jon McCorkell wrote that Oelke would “absolutely beryllium announcing” races Friday nighttime and would person a lasting ovation earlier the nationalist anthem. McCorkell added that helium agreed “with each of Lon’s comments and opinions” and respective commenters chimed successful with praise for Oelke.

A listed telephone fig for Oelke was disconnected, and helium didn’t instantly respond to an enquiry sent done Facebook Messenger.

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