Jan. 6 Riot Defendant Returned to Jail for Using Internet

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A national justice connected Thursday ordered a salient subordinate successful the Jan. 6 onslaught connected the U.S. Capitol to instrumentality to jailhouse aft helium was caught accessing the net to ticker mendacious conspiracy theories astir the statesmanlike election.

U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly said that Doug Jensen, 42, of Des Moines, Iowa, had violated the strict conditions that were acceptable erstwhile helium released Jensen from jailhouse connected July 13, including prohibitions connected accessing the net and utilizing a cellphone.

Kelly ordered marshals astatine the national courthouse successful Des Moines, wherever Jensen attended Thursday's hearing, to instantly instrumentality him into custody arsenic helium awaits trial.

Prosecutors had moved to revoke Jensen’s pretrial merchandise connected Aug. 19, days aft a national serviceman recovered Jensen successful his store utilizing an iPhone to ticker quality from Rumble, a streaming level fashionable with conservatives.

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Jensen acknowledged that helium had earlier watched 2 days of the cyber symposium sponsored by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, an state of erstwhile President Donald Trump who utilized the lawsuit to propulsion mendacious theories that the statesmanlike election's result was changed by Chinese hackers.

Kelly noted that helium had released Jensen from jailhouse connected July 13 aft Jensen claimed helium had an awakening down bars and realized the QAnon conspiracy mentation to which helium adhered was a “pack of lies.” The justice said helium enactment successful spot the strict conditions, including the net ban, due to the fact that Jensen had antecedently spent years pursuing online conspiracies and acknowledged helium had go a “true believer” and “digital soldier.”

Kelly said it was important that Jensen's violations were caught during the archetypal unannounced sojourn to his location by pretrial services officers.

“It’s present wide that helium has not experienced a translation and that helium continues to question retired those conspiracy theories that led to his unsafe behaviour connected Jan. 6," Kelly said. “I don't spot immoderate crushed to judge that helium has had the wakeup telephone that helium needs.”

Kelly said it was improbable that Jensen would beryllium capable to travel immoderate different conditions of merchandise barring net usage and that helium had mislaid assurance successful Jensen's woman to service arsenic his third-party custodian. Prosecutors contended that she had facilitated his violations by leaving the telephone connected erstwhile she near for work.

Jensen's attorney, Christopher Davis, had asked the tribunal to springiness his lawsuit different chance, likening Jensen's net usage to an addiction. He argued that Jensen had complied with different merchandise conditions, including staying location connected physics monitoring and avoiding cause use, and that his violations successful nary mode endangered nationalist safety.

He said his lawsuit acknowledged the violations but said that it was “Orwellian” for the authorities to question to jailhouse a antheral who was sitting successful his store listening to the news.

Jensen was among the archetypal radical to participate the Capitol during the Jan. 6 attack, crawling done a breached window. On Thursday, prosecutors cited caller video grounds to assertion helium was besides among the past to permission implicit an hr later, scuffling with officers connected his mode out.

He told investigators helium positioned himself arsenic 1 of the riot leaders due to the fact that helium was wearing a garment promoting QAnon and helium wanted the mentation to get the credit. Jensen was wide photographed during the attack.

Jensen had a weapon successful his pouch erstwhile helium led a assemblage of radical toward Capitol Police serviceman Eugene Goodman, who was by himself and had lone a baton. The assemblage chased Goodman up a formation of stairs toward the Senate enclosure arsenic Jensen ignored Goodman's orders to halt and enactment his hands up.

Before his July release, Jensen had spent six months successful jailhouse aft helium was arrested Jan. 8. He faces the imaginable of years successful prison, and lawyers connected some sides said Thursday they were unsure if the lawsuit could beryllium resolved successful a plea oregon would spell to trial.

Jensen is charged with 7 counts, including aggravated assault, obstruction of a instrumentality enforcement serviceman during a civilian disorder, unlawfully entering a restricted gathering portion carrying a unsafe limb and disorderly conduct.

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