Jeep Club Gives North Texas Something Good to Honk About

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A North Texas woman, her friends and a ton of Jeeps are making a quality successful truthful galore lives.

Rebecca Sparks is simply a arrogant subordinate of the North Texas Jeep Club, a radical of like-minded Jeep and 4x4 owners.          

Before the pandemic, the radical utilized to absorption much connected hosting Jeep meets and fundraisers to amusement disconnected their rides.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

“I deliberation that’s what helped maine bask being a portion of this nine is the large hearts,” she said.   

But erstwhile COVID-19 brought everyone into lockdown, Sparks said an thought sparked successful her head.

North Texas Jeep Club

“We had a chap Jeeper bash a parade for his lad that I joined successful on. And from that, it made maine deliberation we could bash this for truthful galore children that can’t observe their birthdays,” she said.

She wanted to support the wheels rolling and bring joyousness to families who request it most. So she rounded up her Jeepers and started DFW Birthday Parades.

The radical aims to rise the spirits of children who are lonely oregon sick by bringing a cascading parade of festive Jeeps to their neighborhoods. The Jeeps person paraded done the streets for galore children who are battling cancer.

“It breaks my bosom erstwhile I spot a kid suffering. And for them, knowing that they can’t person a gathering for their day connected this large day, it breaks my bosom much than anything,” said Sparks. “We’re not going to let that to hap if we can."

The unit brings a parade of Jeeps decked retired successful balloons, confetti poppers, toys, and euphony to thrust by household homes and observe the children, who different couldn't permission their homes owed to the pandemic.

DFW Birthday Parades

Taylor Peters of Keller, who is battling cancer, shows disconnected the rubber ducky postulation -- gifts from a parade by members of the North Texas Jeep Club.

Sparks adjacent made peculiar day shirts to manus retired arsenic on with different gifts for the kids.

Her radical has hosted much than 200 parades covering hundreds of miles crossed North Texas. There are 33,000 members successful the Jeep nine truthful from Granbury to Gainesville, nary metropolis oregon municipality is off-limits for them to nonstop the Jeeps.

“We person a batch of support, we tin marque it happen,” Sparks said. “My participants, if I inquire thing they beauteous overmuch accidental erstwhile and where.” 

Sparks is the driving unit down the cause. She besides does this each portion juggling 2 jobs and seldom misses a parade.

“I effort to marque each azygous parade that I can. I’ve astir apt missed a fistful but I’ll bash it, I’ll thrust it. Every grin is worthy each mile,” she said.

About 30 to 40 Jeeps thrust successful each event. During the engaged constituent past year, Sparks said they were hosting parades astir each day. They were truthful busy, she had to designate Wednesday arsenic a remainder time for the Jeepers.

DFW Birthday Parades

Fire and constabulary departments person adjacent caught upwind of the origin and joined successful connected the fun.

What’s much – each of this is self-funded done the Jeep community. They bash not judge donations.

“This is retired of each goodness of our heart. We emotion kids. If you ever participated successful one, you would recognize however bully it feels and you would privation to bash it again and again,” said Sparks.

If you privation to brighten a child's time with a Jeep parade, contact DFW Birthday Parades connected Facebook and connection them a request.

If you thrust a Jeep and privation to get involved, you tin articulation the NTJC Facebook Group.

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