Jen Psaki Destroys Cowardly 1/6 Republican Hypocrites

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Jen Psaki delivered a coagulated connection for the Republican hypocrites who privately criticized the 1/6 onslaught but publically stayed silent.


Jen Psaki connected the GOP hypocrites successful Mark Meadows's texts, "It is disappointing and unfortunate, not astonishing that immoderate of the precise aforesaid individuals who are consenting to condemn and explicit fearfulness astir what happened connected January 6 successful backstage were wholly soundless successful public."

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) December 14, 2021

Psaki said erstwhile asked astir the Republican hypocrisy connected 1/6, “It is disappointing and unfortunate, not surprising that immoderate of the precise same individuals who are consenting to condemn and explicit horror about what happened connected January 6 successful backstage were totally silent successful public. Or, adjacent worse, they were spreading lies and conspiracy theories and proceed to since that 
time. So, disappointing, not surprising, unfortunately, we have seen a inclination with immoderate of the aforesaid individuals.”

I deliberation the connection that galore are looking for to picture the behaviour of House Republicans is cowardice. Elected Republicans are truthful acrophobic of crossing Trump oregon getting primaried that they volition not support the state adjacent erstwhile it is violently attacked by a mob incited and led by the erstwhile president.

Republicans are cowards. Psaki was right. The GOP behaviour is thing new. The federation has seen it since Trump took implicit the Republican Party successful 2016. Any idiosyncratic who is not consenting to unrecorded up to their oath of bureau and support the federation has nary concern serving successful elective bureau for the country.

Any Republican who won’t basal up for America successful the look of the authoritarian menace is unfit to service successful the United States Congress.

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