Jim Jordan May Have A Big Problem As Questions Grow About Coup Briefing

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Questions are starting to beryllium asked astir Rep. Jim Jordan’s imaginable information successful a briefing connected the Trump coup plot.

Recently, The New York Times reported, “On Jan. 4, members of Mr. Waldron’s squad — helium did not place them — spoke to a radical of senators and briefed them connected the allegations of expected predetermination fraud contained successful the PowerPoint, Mr. Waldron said. The pursuing day, helium said, helium personally briefed a tiny radical of House members; that treatment focused connected baseless claims of overseas interference successful the election. He said helium made the papers disposable to the lawmakers.”

In a connection provided to PoliticusUSA, Jim Jordan’s Democratic opponent, Jeff Sites asked astir Jordan’s relation successful the briefing:

Was Jim Jordan progressive successful this briefing? Was helium oregon his taxpayer-funded unit alert astatine immoderate clip of the coup PowerPoint, oregon akin efforts to overthrow our government? If so, did helium and his bureau instrumentality immoderate enactment successful effect to it? What did Jordan know, and erstwhile did helium cognize it?

These are precise elemental questions, and helium owes the radical who wage his wage answers – not much excuses, and not much lies astir representation problems. I don’t judge idiosyncratic could beryllium presented with this accusation and hide astir it. Come on, Jim. Yes oregon no.

Jordan has been stricken Trump amnesia anytime helium is asked astir the events surrounding the onslaught connected the Capitol and his conversations with the erstwhile president.

Rep. Jordan (R-OH) has been particularly touchy and volatile erstwhile the topics of the 1/6 Committee getting his telephone records oregon subpoenaing him travel up.

Jim Jordan has announced that helium won’t comply with a 1/6 Committee subpoena. When his non-compliance pledge is combined with each of his different evasiveness, the American radical request to cognize what Rep. Jordan is hiding.

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