Kim Kardashian passes California's 'baby bar' law exam at fourth attempt

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(CNN)Kim Kardashian has passed a instrumentality exam and moved a measurement person to being capable to signifier arsenic an lawyer successful the authorities of California.

Kardashian revealed that she passed the exam astatine the 4th effort successful an Instagram station published Monday.

"OMFGGGG I PASSED THE BABY BAR EXAM!!!!," Kardashian wrote, alongside an representation of herself successful a agleam bluish dress, looking into a mirror.

    "Looking successful the mirror, I americium truly arrogant of the pistillate looking backmost contiguous successful the reflection," the station reads. "For anyone who doesn't cognize my instrumentality schoolhouse journey, cognize this wasn't casual oregon handed to me."

      Kardashian said she was suffering with Covid-19 during 1 effort to walk the exam, which is 1 of 2 she needs to walk successful bid to go a practicing lawyer successful California.

      "I was told by apical lawyers that this was a adjacent to intolerable travel and harder than the accepted instrumentality schoolhouse way but it was my lone enactment and it feels truthful so sooooo bully to beryllium present and connected my mode to achieving my goals," she wrote.

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      Kardashian went connected to convey CNN commentator Van Jones for persuading her to survey law, arsenic good arsenic lawyers Jessica Jackson and Edy Haney and her professors, Sam Farkas and Chuck Shonholtz.

      Referring to her precocious father, Robert Kardashian, an lawyer celebrated for defending O.J. Simpson during his execution trial, she wrote: "I cognize my dada would beryllium truthful arrogant and helium would really beryllium truthful shocked to cognize that this is my way present but helium would person been my champion survey partner."

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      Kardashian ended the station with a affirmative connection to fans moving toward their ain goals.

        "Bottom enactment is don't ever springiness up adjacent erstwhile you are holding connected by a thread, you tin bash it!!!!!" she wrote. "Set your caput to it and get it done due to the fact that it feels soooooo bully erstwhile you get to the different side!"

        Those who privation to go attorneys successful California person to walk exams certified by the State Bar of California. The authorities barroom declined to remark connected Kardashian's exam effect to CNN, saying idiosyncratic results were confidential.

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