Koroisau's bubble breach could cost NSW career

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Apisai Koroisau's State of Origin campy dalliance "damages everybody" and the NSWRL could beryllium connected the verge of taking enactment of its own, brag Dave Trodden says.

The NRL deed Koroisau with a two-match prohibition and a $35,000 fine for joining a pistillate successful her edifice country during the Blues' Origin II camp, successful an enactment that blatantly defied COVID-19 protocols.

Trodden says whether the NSWRL disciplines Koroisau itself volition beryllium decided successful "the coming days".

"I deliberation we volition reappraisal from our constituent of view, and 1 of the things I volition beryllium doing implicit the coming days is to hole a study to our board," Trodden told newsman Danny Weidler connected Nine News.

"Our committee whitethorn good see whether there's a lawsuit for taking immoderate further enactment connected the ground of breaching our interior protocols."

Koroisau met with a pistillate successful her edifice country contempt the information helium has a wife. Amy has since flown to Queensland to articulation Koroisau successful the Panthers' bio-secure Sunshine Coast hub.

"Most of each he's astir apt fto himself down and his household down - and I deliberation that's the overwhelming sentiment," Trodden said.

"I deliberation we each consciousness beauteous fto down. He was successful a reasonably privileged position, a presumption of trust, (but) helium didn't unrecorded up to the spot that was enactment successful him."

Apisai Koroisau successful his Panthers kit. (Getty)

Koroisau, a 2014 Rabbitohs premiership-winner and 2020 Panthers expansive finalist, has been successful a two-man contention with South Sydney's Damien Cook for NSW's No.9 jumper for immoderate clip - and helium harbours anticipation of 1 time becoming the Blues' main hooker.

But Trodden had dire words for Koroisau erstwhile asked by Weidler if the 28-year-old could beryllium trusted successful aboriginal Blues camps.

"It is an issue," Trodden said.

"Being picked successful a typical squad is simply a existent privilege and you person to gain that privilege ... One of the things you person to bash to gain the privilege is beryllium you tin beryllium trusted to uphold each of the values of the radical that you go a portion of. So having breached that trust, there's a batch of enactment that idiosyncratic (Koroisau) has to bash to regain the trust.

"It damages everybody and that's the regrettable portion of it."

Koroisau is expected to instrumentality for the Panthers' lucifer against the Roosters successful Brisbane successful Round 21, aft missing clashes with the Broncos and Storm.

Apisai Koroisau celebrates a effort connected his State of Origin debut, successful the last crippled of the 2021 series. (Getty)

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