Large Meteor Lights Up Skies in Norway

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Norwegian experts accidental an unusually ample meteor was disposable implicit ample parts of confederate Scandinavia and illuminated southeast Norway with a almighty flash of airy for a fewer seconds arsenic galore observers were reported to besides perceive a roaring dependable afterwards.

The Norwegian Meteor Network said that it had analyzed and reviewed respective videos of the lawsuit Sunday and said the meteor archetypal appeared astir 55 miles northbound of the capital, Oslo, and continued its way successful a southwest absorption earlier fragmenting successful respective flashes of light.

“The meteor appeared astatine 1:08 a.m. connected the nighttime of July 25 and was disposable for astir for 5 seconds,” said the web said, which had posted a video connected the improvement connected its Twitter site.

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Sightings of meteors, abstraction rocks that pain brightly aft entering the Earth’s ambiance astatine precocious speed, aren't uncommon implicit Norway and the Norwegian Meteor Network has a fig of cameras continuously monitoring the sky.

A meteor that survives transition to the crushed is known arsenic a meteorite.

Preliminary information suggested a meteorite whitethorn person deed Earth successful a ample forested area, Finnemarka, not acold from Oslo, the Norwegian Meteor Network said.

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