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At 45, Jake Gibb is astir surely astatine his past Summer Games. And yet the four-time Olympian offered to springiness it up for the distant accidental that Taylor Crabb could person the acquisition adjacent once.

"At the end, Jake and (coach Rich Lambourne) told maine it was my determination to make. They'll instrumentality by maine immoderate I privation to do," said Crabb, who tested affirmative for COVID-19 and withdrew from the Olympics truthful that Gibb could regenerate him connected a two-person formation volleyball team.

"I was not going to hazard this accidental for Jake and Rich," Crabb told The Associated Press. "This is Jake's past year. This is everything he's worked for. I privation him to spell retired connected top. This is our extremity coming into it. And I privation to spot him fulfill that."

Although helium was vaccinated, asymptomatic and had provided the required antagonistic results earlier boarding his flight, Crabb came backmost affirmative during intake investigating connected Sunday aft arriving successful Tokyo. He continued to taxable samples, hoping for a antagonistic trial that would person allowed him to instrumentality to the Games, but helium withdrew connected Thursday night, hours earlier the deadline for the US governing assemblage to taxable its roster.

Alternate Tri Bourne joined Gibb connected the soil Sunday nighttime for their archetypal match, a straight-set triumph implicit Italy.

"Taylor is my brother. I emotion him. We've gone to conflict for 5 years together. And truthful it's hard," Gibb said aft the 21-18, 21-19 triumph implicit skyball specializer Adrian Carambula and Enrico Rossi.

"But we're acceptable to combat together, and we person Taylor with us. We honestly consciousness that," Gibb told reporters aft the match. "I consciousness similar it's unfair for the remainder of the world: We've got 3-on-2 retired here."

Crabb told the AP from his quarantine edifice successful Tokyo that Gibb offered to forfeit the archetypal lucifer and adjacent the 2nd one, connected Wednesday, connected the accidental that the other clip would let the Olympic first-timer to supply the antagonistic tests that would person allowed him to play.

Two losses to commencement the Olympics astir surely would person doomed their chances of moving connected to the knockout round. But determination besides was nary warrant that Crabb would person gotten retired of quarantine successful clip for the 3rd and last lucifer of the circular robin.

"There was a hazard of maine inactive having dormant microorganism successful maine and investigating positive," helium said. "And if determination was a 1 per cent accidental that I would trial affirmative and ruin this infinitesimal for our team, I was not going to fto that happen."

Instead, Crabb has been successful his edifice country for much than 23 hours a day, FaceTiming with friends and household until helium volition beryllium allowed to committee a plane, possibly arsenic aboriginal arsenic Tuesday night. He besides has been helping his erstwhile squad scout opponents.

"It inactive makes maine consciousness important and portion of the team, which is immense for me," helium said. "Because if I didn't person that, on with the devastation of not being capable to play with them, that would person been worse for sure."

Kevin Durant had a shot. Then different astir 20 seconds later.

Jrue Holiday had one. So did Zach LaVine and Bam Adebayo.

The U.S. had 5 attempts connected the pivotal possession of its latest hoops nonaccomplishment and came up bare connected each of them.

That not lone doomed the Americans to an 83-76 nonaccomplishment to France connected Sunday night, but showed their problems mightiness past good beyond their Olympic opener.

Because if a squad can't shoot, it's not going to win.

"The shot goes successful oregon it doesn't," US manager Gregg Popovich said.

It definite didn't autumn overmuch Sunday for the US The Americans finished astatine 36 per cent wide and were 10 for 32 (31 per cent) from three-point range.

Durant, who holds a big of US scoring records and should interruption much successful this tournament, was 1 for six connected three-pointers. Jayson Tatum was 1 for five. Damian Lillard was 3 for nine.

These are All-NBA players, shooting from a three-point arc that's person than they're utilized to.

"Sometimes you marque shots and sometimes you don't," Popovich said. "It's not a question of what facet of the crippled that you triumph oregon lose. It's accumulation of everything that went connected during the game."

The Americans undoubtedly had a hard mentation for these Olympics. Their accumulation docket was reduced from 5 to 4 games aft Bradley Beal was placed successful wellness and information protocols and yet couldn't to question to Japan. Another subordinate had to beryllium replaced erstwhile Kevin Love pulled retired with injury.

And with Holiday, Khris Middleton and Devin Booker lone joining the squad Saturday aft missing grooming campy portion playing successful the NBA Finals, astir fractional the players missed immoderate oregon each of the warmup tally to the Olympics.

That means the Americans person to simplify their playbook, astatine slightest astatine the start. There are fewer blase violative sets due to the fact that they simply haven't had clip to larn them.

But that shouldn't origin shooting to suffer. And they can't spend it to astatine this point, knowing they don't person overmuch other they tin telephone upon aft specified small clip together.

Booker missed a three-pointer that could person extended a two-point pb with 2:09 remaining. Evan Fournier's three-pointer gave France the pb earlier the Americans misfired connected aggregate chances to regain it.

Durant got bully looks astatine the handbasket connected some of his threes during the five-shot possession that started with his miss with 44 seconds left. He was disconnected connected different with 25 seconds to spell and Holiday missed 1 to extremity the possession.

"We gave them 5 chances successful a row," France centre Rudy Gobert said.

Durant, with 2 Olympic golden medals and an MVP grant from the 2010 satellite hoops championship, ne'er got successful a bushed portion battling foul trouble.

But helium wasn't peculiarly crisp during accumulation games, erstwhile the Americans were beaten by Nigeria and Argentina. Coming disconnected specified a beardown decorativeness to his NBA season, it's an untimely slump for the US.

The bully quality for the Americans was that Holiday was amended than they could person hoped aft arriving precocious Saturday nighttime — this aft partying with the Milwaukee Bucks pursuing their NBA title connected Tuesday.

He seems to capable a brace of needs for the Americans, providing dependable constituent defender play portion capable to support adjacent much physically than successful the NBA.

If a fewer much guys prime up astatine his level, starting successful the Americans' adjacent crippled against Iran, the Americans deliberation they tin beryllium a overmuch antithetic squad than the 1 that wilted precocious against the French

"We inactive person a accidental to execute our goal," Holiday said, "and being accordant is the champion mode to bash it."

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