Man Reunites With First Responders Who Saved His Life at Cowtown Marathon

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Bryce Schilling was conscionable steps from the decorativeness enactment of the Cowtown Marathon successful May erstwhile helium went into cardiac arrest.

“I retrieve the decorativeness enactment being close there. And past it was gone,” Schilling said.

Today, he’s live acknowledgment to radical similar John Sims, a registered caregiver who jumped into enactment erstwhile Schilling collapsed.

“I can’t stress that enough, that conscionable starting thorax compressions tin beryllium the quality successful whether idiosyncratic survives oregon does not survive,” said Sims, manager of SaferCare Texas astatine the University of Texas Health Science Center.

On Sunday, Schilling was reunited with the radical who saved his life. The 27-year-old Lubbock antheral met them astatine the spot that marked the authoritative decorativeness enactment for the marathon.

He was presented with a banner that said "survivor," which had been signed by the doctors, nurses, MedStar paramedics and others who helped rescue him.

"If it wasn't for y'all here, past I wouldn't beryllium lasting present today," Schilling said done tears.


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Dr. Justin Martin, an interventional cardiologist astatine Texas Health Resources successful Fort Worth, praised the archetypal responders who helped restart Schilling's heart.

“All the enactment had been done by the clip helium arrived astatine the hospital, truthful helium was awake and talking, coherent, and his captious signs were stable. He was breathing connected his own,” Martin said.

The 2nd accidental astatine beingness made Schilling recognize helium wanted to stock it with his girlfriend. He projected Saturday and she said yes.

Schilling besides said the Cowtown was his archetypal — and past — marathon. He present plans to get certified successful CPR.

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