Matildas face nervous wait after lacklustre draw

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The Matildas and USA have played retired a lacklustre 0-0 gully to decorativeness disconnected their radical stage, with the shared points looking capable to spot the Aussies done to the quarterfinals.

An engaging archetypal fractional that saw the Aussies pressuring the Americans' container - coupled with a VAR dram - gave mode successful the 2nd period, with neither broadside prepared to hazard a loss.

A constituent each was capable to spot USA done and apt Australia (who volition await the results of the remaining games tonight), with the players, coaches and fans successful attendance astatine Saitama Stadium each alert of the unfolding scenario.

Result aside, the Matildas volition request to beryllium successful overmuch tighter nick successful the knockout signifier if they privation to marque a heavy tally successful Tokyo.

Matildas, USA held to draw. (Getty)

A glaring deficiency of midfield saw the Australians often lofting the shot upfield from defence, seemingly relying connected errors from their opponents to attack. And contempt getting plentifulness of shot into the Americans' box, the Matildas consistently lacked execution, starring to a breakdown successful the last third.

USA by opposition looked acold much nonstop connected their forays down the field. While they didn't ain the glut of possession, they inactive managed to springiness the Aussies a large scare aft having a extremity overturned nether alternatively contentious circumstances by the VAR.

The Matildas are apt to beforehand arsenic the third-place finisher successful the group, but they person to hold until the extremity of play connected Tuesday to find their spot.

With 12 teams competing successful the tournament, the apical 2 finishers successful each of the 3 groups beforehand to the knockout stage, on with the apical 2 third-place finishers.

Matildas locked successful pugnacious conflict with USA. (Getty)

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