Matt Gaetz Is Trying To Get Trump Sent To Prison With Him By Naming Him Speaker

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Rep. Matt Gaetz told reporters that if Republicans triumph the House majority, helium volition determination to person Trump named Speaker, which mightiness onshore some of them successful prison.

Video of Gaetz saying that helium supports Trump for Speaker:

Reporter: Do you privation ex-President Trump to beryllium speaker?
Gaetz: I would
Reporter: Have you talked to him astir it?
Gaetz: I person

— Acyn (@Acyn) December 7, 2021

Gaetz besides said:

Matt Gaetz conscionable told maine astatine a property league that if Republicans triumph the House successful 2022, helium volition determination to instal Trump arsenic House Speaker.

— Alexander Nazaryan (@alexnazaryan) December 7, 2021

The thought that Trump would beryllium Speaker of the House has besides been floated by Mark Meadows and different anti-Kevin McCarthy Republicans. 

Trump would ne'er privation to beryllium Speaker due to the fact that federal disclosure laws would unit him to amusement his fiscal records oregon look 5 years successful prison.

The occupation with this phantasy is that Donald Trump would ne'er privation to beryllium Speaker due to the fact that helium would person to amusement up for work. The thought that the top absentee president successful American past would beryllium capable to amusement up successful the Capitol and usher the House is absurd.

It sounds similar the crippled of 1 of Rodney Dangerfield’s 1980s. Donald Trump is Back To Capitol.

Gaetz and different Republican transgression elements would emotion to person Trump protecting them successful immoderate presumption of power.

It is not going to happen.

There is simply a amended accidental that Matt Gaetz is sitting successful a jailhouse compartment by January 2023 than determination is that helium volition inactive beryllium successful the House and capable to get Trump named Speaker of the House.

However, if Gaetz was successful, his dreams could travel existent arsenic possibly the 2 of them could beryllium besties successful the aforesaid cell.

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