Mexico: Help for US on Migrants “Can't Go on Forever”

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Mexico’s president again sidestepped questions Thursday astir the reinstatement of the U.S. “Remain successful Mexico” policy.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Mexico volition proceed helping the United States connected immigration. But helium noted “it can’t spell connected forever,” and said attraction indispensable crook to improvement successful Central America truthful radical don’t person to emigrate.

“We person taken it upon ourselves to assistance the U.S. authorities connected the migration issue, we are going to proceed to bash so,” López Obrador said.

“We person tried to support migrants successful shelters, supra each to support minors, women,” the president said. “But this can't spell connected forever, we person to get to the bottommost of the contented and that means investing successful the improvement of mediocre countries.”

That was an evident notation to López Obrador's connection to grow Mexico's wide tree-planting programme into Central America, which pays farmers to works effect and timber species. The U.S. authorities has truthful acold been dilatory to instrumentality up the proposal.

In Mexico, the programme has been dogged by accusations it encourages farmers to chopped down existing trees, successful bid to beryllium paid for planting caller ones.

Mexico is not legally bound to judge the U.S. argumentation of sending asylum seekers backmost crossed the borderline to hold for hearings connected their claims. Mexico allowed non-Mexicans to beryllium sent backmost nether the medication of Donald Trump, but Mexican officials haven’t said if they volition let it to resume.

The U.S. Supreme Court refused Tuesday to artifact a little tribunal ruling ordering the medication of President Joe Biden to reinstate the Trump-era argumentation of forcing radical to hold successful Mexico for hearings connected asylum claims.

Roberto Velasco, Mexico’s manager for North American affairs, said Wednesday the tribunal ruling is not binding connected Mexico. He stressed that Mexico’s “immigration argumentation is designed and executed successful a sovereign manner.”

“The Mexican authorities volition commencement method discussions with the U.S. authorities to measure however to grip safe, orderly and regulated migration connected the border,” Velasco said. López Obrador endorsed that presumption Thursday.

Mexico is not legally obligated to person returning migrants who are not Mexican citizens, and astir of the asylum seekers are not.

But López Obrador has had bully relations with the U.S. authorities connected migration matters and has willingly cooperated successful blocking migrant caravans and deporting migrants trying to scope the U.S. border. López Obrador said Thursday that relations remained bully nether Biden.

It’s not wide however galore radical volition beryllium affected by the Supreme Court ruling and however quickly. Under the little tribunal ruling, the medication indispensable marque a “good religion effort” to restart the program.

There besides is thing preventing the Biden medication from trying again to extremity the program, formally called Migrant Protection Protocols.

During Trump’s presidency, the argumentation required tens of thousands of migrants seeking asylum successful the U.S. to crook backmost to Mexico. It was meant to discourage asylum seekers, but critics said it denied radical the ineligible close to question extortion successful the U.S. and forced them to hold successful unsafe Mexican borderline cities.

During the Trump administration, the Mexican authorities said it was cooperating with the programme for humanitarian reasons.

Although migrants were granted humanitarian visas to enactment successful Mexico until they had their U.S. hearings, they often had to hold successful unsafe areas controlled by cartels, leaving them susceptible to being kidnapped, assaulted, raped oregon adjacent killed. Others were transported by autobus to parts of confederate Mexico oregon “invited” to instrumentality to their location countries.

Mexico technically could artifact the programme by refusing to judge migrants asked to enactment successful Mexico nether the Migrant Protection Protocols. But analysts similar Tonatiuh Guillén, erstwhile caput of Mexico’s migration agency, see that improbable fixed the country’s past of practice with the U.S.

Guillén said Mexican officials volition astir apt spell on adjacent though the state doesn’t person capable resources to woody with an influx of asylum seekers astatine the borderline and nonprofit shelters southbound of the borderline are overwhelmed.

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