Murder Hornet Nest Destroyed in Washington State

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Officials successful Washington authorities said Thursday they had destroyed the archetypal Asian elephantine hornet nest of the season, which was located adjacent the municipality of Blaine on the Canadian border.

The Washington authorities Department of Agriculture said it eradicated the nest Wednesday.

The nest was located successful the basal of a dormant alder histrion successful agrarian Whatcom County, astir 2 miles from a nest the bureau eradicated past October and astir one-quarter mile from wherever a nonmigratory reported a unrecorded sighting of an Asian elephantine hornet connected Aug. 11. The tract is astir one-quarter mile from the Canadian border.

The Asian elephantine hornets are sometimes called execution hornets due to the fact that they prey connected different bees.

Asian elephantine hornets are the world’s largest hornet and are not autochthonal to North America. They prey connected chromatic bees and different insects. They tin behaviour wide attacks connected chromatic bee hives, destroying the hive successful a substance of hours. The hornets were archetypal detected successful the United States successful 2019 erstwhile a hornet was reported successful Whatcom County.

The 2-inch-long (5-centimeter-long) invasive insects airs a menace to honeybees and autochthonal hornet species. While not peculiarly assertive toward humans, their sting is highly achy and repeated stings, though rare, tin kill.

State workers successful protective covering began the eradication Wednesday by vacuuming 113 idiosyncratic hornets from the nest. Then the squad began removing bark and decayed wood adjacent the basal of the alder tree. Removing the wood revealed that the hornets had excavated the interior of the histrion to marque country for the nest, which consisted of 9 layers of comb.

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The information of the histrion with the nest was chopped and transported to Washington State University Extension successful Bellingham for further analysis. The nest itself had astir 1,500 hornets successful assorted stages of development.

“While we are gladsome to person recovered and eradicated this nest truthful aboriginal successful the season, this detection proves however important nationalist reporting continues to be,” said Sven Spichiger, WSDA managing entomologist. “We expect determination are much nests retired determination and, similar this one, we anticipation to find them earlier they tin nutrient caller queens."

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