New Drug Shows Promise As COVID-19 Treatment

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A cause created by a Texas A&M University prof could go a utile attraction for patients with COVID-19.

The compound called MPI8 is designed to people a circumstantial enzyme successful SARS-CoV-2 and halt the microorganism from replicating.

Less microorganism successful your assemblage would mean a faster betterment and less COVID-19 symptoms.

"It's gonna service arsenic a truly bully attraction option," said biologic chemist and pb researcher Dr. Wenshe Ray Liu, prof successful the Department of Chemistry astatine Texas A&M University.

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According to the Texas A&M University System, the imaginable effectiveness of MPI8 led Sorrento Therapeutics of San Diego, Calif., to question exclusive intelligence spot rights to the ingredient.

An statement betwixt the institution and Texas A&M University System was announced successful August.

Liu said the molecule MPI8 could beryllium highly effectual successful treating not lone the archetypal COVID-19 viral strain, but besides the much assertive variants specified arsenic delta.

Liu said that Sorrento hopes to implicit pre-clinical studies of MPI8 by the extremity of the twelvemonth and question FDA support to statesman objective trials connected humans successful aboriginal 2022.

You tin work the university's announcement astir the cause here.

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