NFL Proposes Mandatory COVID Vaccinations for Players; NFLPA Balks

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Report: NFL proposes COVID-19 vaccine mandate for players, NFLPA balks primitively appeared connected NBC Sports Washington

On Thursday, the NFL reportedly projected making coronavirus vaccinations mandatory for each players arsenic it attempts to curb the dispersed of the microorganism up of the commencement of the regular season. The NFLPA, however, did not hold to the request, according to the league.

NFLPA spokesperson George Atallah told the Washington Post that national and subordinate enactment did not judge a vaccination mandate for players was the champion approach.

Currently, 93% of each players are vaccinated. While that fig acold exceeds the vaccination complaint successful the general American population, the league knew the national mightiness beryllium hesitant astir a mandate fixed the fig of high-profile players who person yet to beryllium vaccinated. 

As a result, some parties had decided to incentivize vaccinations successful antithetic ways, including investigating vaccinated players each 14 days alternatively of each day, not requiring vaccinated players to deterioration masks successful the installation oregon connected the sidelines and allowing those vaccinated to question retired of municipality without being taxable to investigating each day. 

This strategy has worked for the astir part, but determination person been immoderate hiccups. New England Patriots QB Cam Newton was forced to miss aggregate practices owed to a misunderstanding astir tests conducted distant from NFL facilities. Buffalo Bills wide receivers Cole Beasley and Isaiah McKenzie were some fined for violating the NFL’S COVID-19 policy. Those fines came aft the Bills sent six players location Tuesday who were deemed adjacent contacts to a vaccinated unit subordinate who tested affirmative for COVID-19. 

The NFLPA has besides projected requiring each players, careless of vaccination status, to beryllium tested each day, arsenic they were past year. As Atallah told the Post, “We cognize vaccines are effective, but we besides cognize our strict protocols -- erstwhile followed -- are effectual arsenic we proved past year.” 

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The NFL countered with a proposal to trial vaccinated players each 7 days alternatively than each 14 days. The 2 sides person not yet agreed connected a revised investigating strategy for vaccinated players.

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