No Injuries After Roof Collapse at Mattress Store in Plano

2 weeks ago 7
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A frightening concern Thursday day erstwhile the extortion collapsed astatine a Sleep Experts store successful Plano.

The Plano Fire Department got a telephone astir a imaginable detonation conscionable earlier 4:30 p.m. successful the 2000 artifact of Dallas Pkwy NB.

Once they arrived, they recovered a information of the extortion had collapsed into the store.

Firefighters searched the store but said nary 1 was wrong astatine the time.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Crews are present moving to enactment up the remainder of the extortion to forestall immoderate further damage. Gas has besides been turned disconnected successful the contiguous area.

There person not been immoderate reports of immoderate injuries.

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