North Texas Continues to Support Hurricane Ida Recovery Efforts

2 weeks ago 5
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Relief efforts successful hurricane-ravaged Louisiana are getting assistance from North Texas.

Teams from Dallas Fire-Rescue accompanied trucks carrying tanks of h2o for communities successful request -- 1 of respective North Texas fire departments sending crews to enactment betterment efforts.

A Dallas Home Depot assembled much than 700 hurricane alleviation kits to nonstop to parts of South Louisiana.

Dallas-based foundation Texas Baptist Men has acceptable up campy successful Gonzales, Louisiana, wherever they volition navigator 6,000 means each time and nonstop astir to hard-hit LaPlace.

Tulane students are being evacuated from New Orleans to Houston wherever the schoolhouse volition found a Houston hub. The field is not expected to reopen until astatine slightest October.

Xavier University of Louisiana is sending students to Dallas hotels.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Texas Motor Speedway has opened its campgrounds and ablution facilities escaped of complaint for radical displaced by Hurricane Ida.

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