North Texas Is Temporarily ‘Home' For Some Who Fled Hurricane Ida's Path

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North Texas has go a impermanent location for immoderate who decided to permission Louisiana to enactment retired of the way of Hurricane Ida.

Ben Blumenfeld, 18, is from Dallas but moved to New Orleans past week for his freshman twelvemonth astatine Tulane University.

He and his household decided helium should alert backmost location erstwhile meteorologists predicted Hurricane Ida would go a Category 4 storm.

“I'm precise gladsome I evacuated, I'm not the champion with storms and worldly similar that, each that thunder and lightning astir apt wouldn't person been to my liking,” Blumenfeld said. “I saw a clump of videos from radical who were determination and they said they were scared.”

The freshman said helium heard from peers who stayed down that determination was immoderate harm astir campus.

“Right extracurricular my dorm the streets are benignant of flooded, determination was similar videos of rushing h2o past night,” Blumenfeld said.

Tulane University canceled each classes and closed field done Tuesday arsenic officials measure the damage. Those who remained connected field were asked to stay successful place.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

"I'm hoping I tin get backmost and assistance those successful request for sure, bash immoderate assemblage service,” Blumenfeld said.

The full metropolis of New Orleans mislaid powerfulness precocious Sunday aft Ida severely damaged the powerfulness grid.

“I deliberation we made the close determination to leave, the country has been devastated and I prayed astir it anterior to leaving and I person implicit bid for leaving early,” said Kenlie Fite, who lives successful New Orleans but evacuated to North Texas.

Fite, who works astatine Tulane University, said successful the 9 years she’s lived successful New Orleans, this was the archetypal clip her household has evacuated. She, her husband, and her dog, Oliver, near connected Friday.

“Last twelvemonth we experienced Hurricane Zeta which was a Category 1 tempest and it near america without powerfulness for a week, truthful we decided if determination was a Category 1 oregon more, we would marque our mode to Mansfield,” said Fite, who is staying with a adjacent household friend.

She said they watched the upwind done the Ring camera connected their doorway until astir 3 p.m. Sunday erstwhile the powerfulness went out.

Since then, she said she has learned from neighbors that the tempest damaged their home.

“We don’t cognize however important the harm is yet. My parent lives successful Galliano which made nationalist quality yesterday due to the fact that of the extended damage, truthful we are waiting, we are praying, we person a batch of unanswered questions close now,” Fite said.

She said her parent evacuated to different household member’s location retired of state.

Fite said staying with their friends successful Mansfield has been adjuvant emotionally.

“I was upset, I was crying this morning. Last nighttime was truly difficult, adjacent knowing God is successful control, Fite said. “She came successful contiguous and said, ‘Whatever you need. You cognize if you request to enactment present agelong term, you tin enactment here...' It’s truly bully to cognize that we tin enactment present and we don’t person to fig that retired similar a batch of different people. There are tons of radical who conscionable don’t person the resources that we have. We consciousness truly thankful."

Eight members of the Davis Family from Kenner, Louisiana drove 10 hours to scope the Comfort Suites Hotel successful Las Colinas aboriginal Sunday.

The edifice is 1 successful a group of Irving hotels offering discounts for evacuees.

“We were conscionable looking for a spot to beryllium comfy and get retired of harm’s way. So, that's what we did, we got retired of harm's way,” said Christy Davis.

Davis, her sister Kenya, their kids and grandkids person been paying attraction to quality reports from backmost home.

"It’s heartbreaking and devastating," Kenya Davis said.

At 8-years-old, Terance White is excessively young to retrieve arsenic the older radical bash Hurricane Katrina, which struck 16 years ago. But helium has seen pictures that springiness him a bully thought of what is happening successful Louisiana now.

“It's amended present than what's happening with the flooding implicit there,” helium said.

Video connected TV shows harm successful downtown New Orleans and terrible flooding successful suburban areas wherever his household lives.

Christy Davis said Facebook posts from radical successful her vicinity marque it wide to her that the little level of her two-story flat was flooded.

She has 2nd thoughts astir betterment lone to brace for yet different hurricane successful the future.

“I conscionable don't privation to support going done that, support grandkids, perpetually having to regenerate stuff, and worldly similar that. So, yea. I mightiness beryllium reasoning astir relocating if there's excessively overmuch harm there,” she said.

The thought of leaving is harder for others successful her household including her 34-year-old lad David Davis.

“Louisiana is my home. We’ve been surviving determination each of our life,” helium said. “I enactment successful New Orleans. I enactment successful Kenner. So, I would similar to spell backmost to something”

Kenya Davis said she was astir to commencement a occupation astatine the caller Four Seasons Hotel successful New Orleans.

“We conscionable opened a nice, premier, luxury hotel,” she said. “New Orleans is simply a resilient city. They’re fighters.”

Texas is their impermanent location but determination are things astir Louisiana they said they would miss if they relocate permanently, including the food.

“We tin marque it good, though. We cognize however to marque it good,” Christy Davis said.

It volition beryllium days earlier it is harmless to instrumentality to survey what they mislaid successful this hurricane for decisions astir the future.

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