North Texas Track and Field Stars Takeoff to Tokyo, Ready to Compete

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As the Olympics get underway, respective North Texas way and tract stars headed to Tokyo aboriginal Saturday morning. 

North Texas sprinter Ronnie Baker and his wife, Mikaela Baker, shared 1 past hug astatine DFW airport, arsenic his in-laws looked on, offering their support.

“I was hoping my household would get to beryllium there. It’s a small disheartening, but astatine the extremity of the day, having that feeling and knowing they’re supporting maine and rooting for me, that’s each I need,” said Baker. 


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Baker hopes to gain the rubric of "World’s Fastest Man" successful the 100 metre astatine the Tokyo Olympics. 

North Texan, Tara Davis, is agelong jumping to Tokyo. 

“I americium overwhelmed close present with truthful overmuch excitement. I person ne'er been to Japan, truthful this is going to beryllium 1 for the past books,” said Tara Davis, a agelong jumper connected Team USA. 

One of her biggest fans is fellow Hunter Woodhall, who’ll vie successful the Tokyo Paralympics. 

“I vie successful the 100 and 400, and I really person not looked astatine my contention docket yet. We are conscionable focused connected Tara and her going retired determination and sidesplitting it,” said Paralympian Hunter Woodhall. 

Track and tract star, Jasmine Moore - from Grand Prairie, is carrying her parents’ emotion and enactment with her to Tokyo. 

“Every kid dreams of making the Olympics erstwhile they got older, but to really execute it is an astonishing feeling,” said Jasmine Moore, who’ll vie successful the triple jump. 

Some of the families person planned aboriginal greeting ticker parties - truthful they won’t miss a competition, nary substance the clip difference. 

You tin drawback Jasmine Moore, Ronnie Baker, Tara Davis and each the North Texas Olympians close present connected your NBC5 station. 

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