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8:39pm Jul 23, 2021

Tokyo Olympics: Day 0

The Opening Ceremony officially opens the Tokyo Games contiguous and there's besides unrecorded sports enactment successful archery and rowing.

Scroll down for each the enactment arsenic it happens astatine Tokyo 2020.

Australian athletes are progressive successful the beneath events, each times AEST.


Women's archery: 10am - 12pm

Men's and women's rowing: 9.30am - 1.07pm

Men's archery: 2pm - 4pm

Opening Ceremony: 8.50pm - 12.36am

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About 50 protesters person gathered successful Tokyo to request the cancellation of the Olympics.The opening ceremonial is acceptable for Friday evening section time.

The protesters gathered extracurricular the Tokyo Metropolitan Government gathering chanting "no to the Olympics" and "save people's lives."

They held up signs speechmaking "cancel the Olympics."

The Games, mostly without spectators and opposed by overmuch of the big nation, are going up a twelvemonth aboriginal than planned.

A time earlier, Tokyo deed different six-month precocious successful caller COVID-19 cases arsenic worries grew of worsening infections during the Games.

Still, the fig of cases and deaths arsenic a stock of the colonisation successful Japan are overmuch little than successful galore different countries.

The opening ceremonial volition beryllium held mostly without spectators to forestall the dispersed of coronavirus infections, though immoderate officials, guests and media volition attend.

New Zealand has been forced to alteration its Olympic flagbearer connected the eve of the opening ceremonial successful Tokyo owed to a last-minute docket change.

Rower Hamish Bond was acceptable to transportation the emblem on with rugby sevens subordinate Sarah Hirini but volition nary longer beryllium capable to bash truthful owed to New Zealand's rowing squad being scheduled to contention connected Saturday.

Bond volition beryllium replaced by dual Commonwealth Games golden medal winning boxer David Nyika.

"Unfortunately, this precocious and unexpected alteration means I've had to marque a precise pugnacious decision," Bond said.

"Although being flagbearer is simply a immense honour, yet I came to Tokyo to vie and that means I request to prioritise being successful the champion imaginable information for racing tomorrow.

"I person nary uncertainty that David and Sarah volition bash a fantastic occupation starring the squad and I look guardant to watching them transportation our flag."

Being named New Zealand's flagbearer continues an unthinkable Olympic communicative for Nyika, who missed the Rio Olympics successful 2016.

"This was hugely unexpected but I couldn't beryllium much arrogant to measurement up," helium said.

"This is simply a immense honour and there's truthful galore athletes who are deserving of this privilege, it's truly peculiar and I'm ace proud.

"Filling Hamish Bond's shoes volition beryllium a large inquire but I'm truly looking guardant to walking alongside Sarah and representing the New Zealand squad and our nation.

"From missing Rio, to being astir to caput to Wuhan erstwhile the qualifiers were moved and the Games postponed, to lockdown successful New Zealand and yet selection, it's been an unbelievable roadworthy to the Games. This is simply a immense mode to footwear disconnected my Olympic run for real."

Tonight's opening ceremonial volition instrumentality playce astatine the Japan National Stadium, which tin clasp up to 80,000 spectators.

Of course, owed to COVID-19 restrictions successful Japan, determination volition beryllium nary spectators attending.

Here's an eerie look wrong the bare stadium up of the opening ceremony.

Japanese tennis fans volition person to hold an other time to spot Naomi Osaka backmost connected a tennis tribunal aft her opening lucifer was pushed backmost by Tokyo 2020 organisers.

The four-time Grand Slam victor is making her instrumentality to tennis aft a two-month hiatus owed to intelligence wellness issues and was initially scheduled to footwear disconnected Olympic proceedings connected Saturday against China's Saisai Zheng.

However, Osaka volition present look Zheng connected the Sunday alternatively owed to a petition from the organisers, according to the International Tennis Federation.

"The petition came from Tokyo 2020 organisers to determination her lucifer to Sunday," an ITF spokesperson told Reuters.

Australian shooter Elena Galiabovitch has been chosen by the IOC to transportation the Olympic emblem astatine tonight's opening ceremonial successful Tokyo.

Along with being an unthinkable athlete, Galiabovitch is simply a doc who has been heavy progressive successful the combat against COVID-19 successful Australia implicit the past 18 months.

The 31-year-old volition beryllium successful enactment for Australia successful some the shooting 10m Air Pistol and the 25m Pistol events and is astatine her 2nd Olympics, having participated astatine Rio successful 2016.

There is simply a spot of romanticism successful Galiabovitch's communicative and however she came to beryllium progressive successful the sport.

She was calved successful Belarus and moved to Australia erstwhile she was four, wherever she decided to effort shooting arsenic it was however her parents initially met.

Galiabovitch is coached by her begetter Vladimir, who is besides Australia's nationalist pistol coach.

The Melbourne-based Galiabovitch claimed her archetypal planetary rubric successful 2015 erstwhile she won the 25m Pistol lawsuit astatine the Oceania Championships.

While Galiabovitch was not capable to assertion a medal successful Rio, she had overmuch much occurrence astatine the Commonwealth Games successful 2018, wherever she claimed a metallic successful the 25m Pistol and a bronze successful the 10m Air Pistol.

You wouldn't expect arguably the top Olympian of each clip to suggest that helium near immoderate medals connected the table, but Usain Bolt said arsenic overmuch successful the leadup to tonight's opening ceremony.

Bolt, who won 9 Olympic golden medals (although 1 of his relay golds was aboriginal rescinded owed to a teammate failing a cause test), said that if helium hadn't been lazy helium could person accrued that fig by 2 oregon three.

"I wouldn't accidental it was a regret due to the fact that everything happens for a reason, but I privation I got superior earlier," helium told the Olympic Channel Podcast.

"When I was a junior, if I truly took way and tract serious, I astir apt could person won 4 Olympics if I'd started early. I was truly talented but I was benignant of lazy."

"I would archer my youngest, listen; get superior sooner and you tin bash ridiculous numbers."

Granted, it mightiness beryllium absurd to ideate virtually the fastest antheral to ever unrecorded calling himself lazy, but present we are.

We're utilized to seeing our athletes arsenic 1 of the archetypal cabs disconnected the fertile astatine opening ceremonies, but that won't beryllium the lawsuit tonight.

Countries specified arsenic the UAE, Great Britain and Yemen volition each travel retired earlier the Aussies. Why?

Although the ceremonial is being held successful alphabetical bid similar always, it's not successful English - it's successful the connection of the big nation.

In Japanese alphabetical order, Australia slips close down the pecking bid and volition march retired arsenic the 38th nation, with Greece of people being first, and Japan last.

The ceremonial starts astatine 8pm section clip (9pm AEST) and the athletes volition statesman marching astatine 8.30 (9.30 AEST).

Flagbearers Cate Campbell and Patrick Mills volition pb a squad of 63 into the stadium.

Australia's cook de ngo Ian Chesterman says he's delighted astatine the fig of athletes who volition beryllium taking part.

"We person ever prioritised show archetypal and the athletes recognize that. To march is simply a fantastic acquisition and that needs to beryllium balanced against the realities of mentation for competition.

"For galore it is simply not imaginable to instrumentality portion successful the Ceremony, but to person truthful galore march is wonderful."

There's an events centre which volition archer you everything that's going connected astatine immoderate fixed time, immoderate Aussies who are successful action, the unrecorded medal tally (which is presently blank, of course), and plentifulness more.

There volition besides beryllium links to each contented related to the Olympics connected WWOS truthful you don't miss a azygous happening implicit the people of the Games.

One of Australia's rowing teams person precocious to the finals successful the opening time of competition.

The squad of Jack Cleary, Caleb Antill , Cameron Girdlestone and Luke Letcher finished 2nd successful their vigor successful the men's quadruple sculls, narrowly down the squad from the Netherlands. They, on with the apical 2 successful the different vigor (Italy and Poland) volition beryllium joined by 2 of the remaining six crews aft tomorrow's repechage.

Amanda Bateman and Tara Rigney finished 3rd successful their vigor successful the women's doubles sculls, which was bully capable to debar the repechage circular and beforehand to the semi-finals. The 12 boats volition beryllium enactment into 2 groups of six, with the champion 3 from each moving connected to the golden medal race.

The women's quadruple sculls volition vie successful the repechage connected Sunday aft finishing 4th successful their heat.

Kermond said helium was "upset and remorseful" aft the failed cause trial was confirmed by Equestrian Australia and the AOC 2 days ago.

That made mode for Tops-Alexander and Katie Laurie being permitted to vie astatine the Tokyo Games instead.

"We are thrilled with the result for our remaining 2 Jumping athletes, who person been anxiously awaiting confirmation regarding their information astatine the Games," Chef de Mission, Ian Chesterman, said.

"Edwina and Katie person some worked highly hard to gain their spot connected the Australian squad and we are delighted they volition get the accidental to realise their Olympic aspirations successful arena astatine Tokyo." 

For Tops-Alexander it volition beryllium her 4th Olympics, a archetypal for an Aussie Jumping athlete, portion Laurie volition beryllium making her debut astatine the Games.

"I'm precise blessed astir the result for myself and Katie Laurie to beryllium capable vie arsenic individuals successful Tokyo. I'm arrogant and I look guardant to representing Australia. I volition perfectly springiness it my utmost best," Tops-Alexander said.

The brace are acceptable to get successful Tokyo connected Wednesday 28 July arsenic scheduled.

"Words cannot picture the feeling of proceeding that Edwina and I could some spell arsenic individuals. It's been a rollercoaster but we are acceptable and truthful excited to get to Tokyo," Laurie said.

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