Oreo Is Celebrating Its 110th Birthday With a Brand-New Flavor

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There’s a batch of milestone anniversaries going connected successful the adjacent fewer months, from the queen’s Platinum Jubilee to the 90th day of Amelia Earhart’s archetypal solo flight. But for cooky lovers, possibly the astir meaningful day volition beryllium Oreo turning 110.

Oreo is turning 110 connected March 6, 2022, and erstwhile there’s a day that large successful the works, it’s worthy of a large party. Oreo volition beryllium celebrating the large day with a caller spirit successful the signifier of a limited-edition Oreo Chocolate Confetti Cake Cookie. It is other festive due to the fact that it features rainbow sprinkles both in and on the cooky and besides a treble furniture of creme. The cooky has the signature crème with added sprinkles, but the summation of a cocoa cake-flavored crème arsenic well.

We’re turning the large 110 and we’re acceptable to enactment 🎉. Introducing our newest Limited Edition flavor, Chocolate Confetti Cake, featuring cocoa barroom flavored creme and sprinkles some ON and IN the cookie! 🎂 pic.twitter.com/YiYdpFPD5m

— OREO Cookie (@Oreo) January 11, 2022

This isn’t the archetypal clip that Oreo has celebrated their day with a festive cookie. In fact, successful 2012, for its 100th birthday, the institution came retired with the limited-edition Birthday Cake Oreo.

Pre-sale of the caller limited-edition cooky spirit began connected Jan. 11 at Oreo.com, but it volition beryllium connected store shelves nationwide opening connected Jan. 31.

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"For implicit a century, OREO has brought fun, playful experiences to fans and we volition proceed to bash conscionable that arsenic we observe our 110th birthday," said Sydney Kranzmann, Oreo's U.S. marque manager, successful a statement. "Our solemnisation is inspired by the magical day infinitesimal that spans generations and cultures … erstwhile you adjacent your eyes, stroke retired the candles, and marque a wish. We are truthful excited to observe 110 years of Milk’s Favorite Cookie by encouraging fans to clasp this day magic nary substance their property and to ne'er halt wishing – we’ll adjacent beryllium granting immoderate instrumentality wishes done our peculiar sweepstakes prizes!"

Oreo has a clump of different celebrations successful caput for this large birthday, including a caller tv spot and a sweepstakes dedicated to granting wishes, with prizes including a baking people with Dominique Ansel and overmuch more.

Oreo is nary alien to releasing caller flavors to observe seasons oregon events, and conscionable this period launched some toffee crunch and eventual cocoa lovers varieties. We can’t person excessively overmuch of a bully happening though, and Oreo is perfectly a bully thing. So, support those caller flavors coming!

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