Panthers fume over controversial high shot

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Penrith manager Ivan Cleary has questioned the logic down Thomas Flegler's sin-binning for knocking retired Isaah Yeo with a precocious shot, expressing astonishment that helium remained connected the field.

In the archetypal fractional of the Panthers choky 18-12 triumph implicit Brisbane, Broncos guardant Flegler caught Yeo with a precocious changeable successful a try-saving concern that forced the Panthers skipper to permission the game. Much to the astonishment of fans, commentators and Cleary, referee Ben Cummins chose to nonstop Flegler to the misdeed bin, contempt replays showing the reckless quality of the contact.

In addition, Yeo faces an extended clip connected the sidelines owed to his agelong past with concussions. He'll beryllium forced to walk tests successful the coming weeks.

Given the NRL's crackdown connected precocious tackles, Flegler was fortunate to instrumentality to the action, but could beryllium deed by the lucifer reappraisal committee this morning.

Flegler catches Yeo precocious adjacent to the line. (FOX Sports)

Cleary said the crackdown was brought successful to penalise players who marque precocious interaction and his broadside faces the imaginable of being without Yeo for weeks. When asked if the punishment acceptable the crime, Cleary said:

"Nah, not successful my opinion," helium remarked successful the post-match property conference.

"He was knocked retired arsenic soon arsenic helium deed him. It's an amerciable act, that's wherefore helium got sent to the bin, truthful I don't cognize what you've got to bash to get sent off.

"If it was Magic Round helium would person been sent off. We haven't seen it for a spot but clearly, a precocious tackle that knocks him retired connected contact, you suffer your skipper and 1 of your champion players for the game.

"Nothing against Flegler but helium deed him high, flush and knocked him out. What bash we need? It surely affected america much than them."

As you'd expect, Broncos manager Kevin Walters defended Flegler, saying determination was nary intent.

"I thought helium was beauteous hopeless to effort and halt the try," Walters said.

"There was surely nary malice successful it. But we volition hold and spot what the NRL person to accidental astir it."

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