Pediatric ICU Bed Space Still Low Thursday in North Texas

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The latest figures from Cook Children’s Medical Center successful Fort Worth amusement that arsenic of 10 a.m. Thursday, the infirmary continues to person nary staffed pediatric intensive attraction portion beds disposable for patients.

The past authoritative update from the DFW Hospital Council connected Wednesday indicated that concern of nary staffed pediatric ICU beds applied to the full North Texas region, which includes facilities successful 19 counties. That snapshot speaks to the effect the latest surge of COVID-19 cases, coupled with an unexpected emergence successful respiratory illnesses similar RSV, has had connected the aesculapian staffs astatine section children’s hospitals.

A typical from Cook Children’s noted connected Thursday that capableness was tight, but emphasized that their installation is not sending patients to different hospitals astatine this point.

“If the concern arises wherever we cannot accommodate a diligent astatine our hospital, we volition find a furniture for them astatine an due facility,” said Kim Brown, Media Relations and Content Manager for Cook Children’s. “The information and well-being of the children successful our assemblage is our fig 1 precedence and we are doing everything successful our powerfulness to marque definite their needs are met.”

A typical from Children’s Health successful Dallas did not straight code whether determination was immoderate disposable staffed ICU abstraction arsenic of 11 a.m. Thursday, but it did accent that the fig fluctuates passim the day.

“We proceed to beryllium prepared and equipped to supply attraction for children successful North Texas,” a typical from Children’s Health noted.

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