Pilots' Union Sues Southwest Over Changes Made in Pandemic

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The pilots' national is suing Southwest Airlines, saying that rules the hose enactment into spot earlier and during the pandemic person changed wage rates and moving rules, successful usurpation of national labour law.

The national says immoderate changes that impact wage oregon moving conditions indispensable beryllium negotiated, but that Southwest has made unilateral changes adjacent portion the 2 sides are astatine the bargaining table.

The Southwest Airlines Pilots Association, oregon SWAPA, filed the suit Monday successful national territory tribunal successful Dallas, wherever Southwest is based.

Southwest has been forced to respond to "unpredictable challenges" during the pandemic, said Russell McCrady, the airline's vice president of labour relations.

"The hose disagrees with SWAPA's claims that immoderate COVID-related changes implicit the past fewer months required negotiation," helium said.

Southwest has enjoyed amended management-labor relations than different ample U.S. airlines, and it boasts of ne'er furloughing an employee. However, the suit is the latest grounds of the carrier's progressively strained narration with unions, which correspond 83% of its 56,000 employees.

Southwest -- similar its rivals -- paid incentives for thousands of employees to discontinue past year, lone to beryllium caught abbreviated erstwhile question picked up this summer. Unions for frontline workers including pilots and formation attendants person blamed absorption for galore delayed and canceled flights.

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The pilots' national is considering airing its grievances by picketing astatine airports aboriginal this year.

The 2 sides began negotiating implicit a caller declaration successful January 2020.

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