Plano Home Explosion May Have Been Attempted Suicide: KRLD

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Investigators looking into what caused a location successful Plano to explode past week accidental it whitethorn beryllium the effect of a failed termination attempt, KRLD vigor reports.

Citing unnamed sources, KRLD's LP Philips reported 2 cardinal pieces of grounds are factoring successful the investigation.

"First, a termination enactment was recovered successful the rubble, and secondly, that burners to a state stove recovered successful the debris were switched to the connected position," KRLD reported Monday.

Plano Home Explosion

The antheral who lived successful the location connected Cleveland Drive, Joseph Kupfer, remains hospitalized successful captious condition. KRLD reported Kupfer's attorney, Scott Becker, said his lawsuit has had a unsmooth past.

“The magnitude and grade of the calamity that my lawsuit has been made to endure successful the months and years starring up to this lawsuit would astound anybody," Becker said.

Becker told NBC 5 past Friday that Kupfer is warring for his beingness and is 1 of the victims of the blast.

Five different radical were injured successful the blast including 3 children and their parents who lived adjacent doorway to the location wherever the detonation took place. All 5 were initially hospitalized but person since been discharged.

The detonation happened connected the day of July 19 successful the 4400 artifact of Cleveland Drive. The location was leveled, different adjacent homes were damaged and debris was scattered for hundreds of feet around. The shockwave from the blast reportedly shook buildings astatine slightest a mile away.

Plano Fire-Rescue said initially the blast was apt caused by an isolated state leak. The adjacent day, connected July 21, without offering overmuch much of an mentation they said it whitethorn person been caused intentionally. Atmos Energy issued a connection the aforesaid time saying they had ruled retired their strategy arsenic a origin of the explosion.

Five days aft an detonation paralyzed a Plano neighborhood, galore questions remain. Meredith Yeomans reports.

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