Police Investigating Domestic Disturbance, Fatal Shooting at Saginaw Residence

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Police are investigating a fatal shooting astatine a Saginaw residence connected Sunday.

According to the Saginaw Police Department, officers responded to a disturbance successful the 300 artifact of Worthy Street astatine astir 2:40 a.m.

Police said erstwhile officers arrived, they met with household members who stated that 31-year-old Terry McKensie had assaulted household members earlier pulling a weapon and firing aggregate rounds.


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Another household subordinate returned fire, striking McKensie once, constabulary said.

McKensie retreated into the location wherever a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old were sleeping and did not respond to the officers astatine the scene, constabulary said.

The Saginaw Police Department requested assistance from the Fort Worth Police Department's SWAT team.

According to police, aft officers were incapable to marque interaction with McKensie, SWAT officers entered the location and recovered that McKensie had died.

Police said the children were unharmed and reunited with their mother.

The probe into this incidental is ongoing, constabulary said.

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