Prosecutor: No Charges in Jail Death Due to Poor Training

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A South Carolina authoritative decided Monday not to complaint 2 jailhouse employees who stunned a mentally sick Black antheral 10 times and kneeled connected his backmost until helium stopped breathing, calling the guards' videotaped actions “damning,” but not against the law.

The Charleston County jailhouse guards successful January were pursuing their assertive grooming successful handling inmates, truthful Solicitor Scarlett Wilson said she could not beryllium the guards intended to killJamal Sutherland, who astatine the clip was refusing to spell to his enslaved hearing.

“This is however they were trained, and they didn’t person a crushed to expect this result due to the fact that they had done it truthful galore times before,” said Wilson, who issued a study with links to video footage and different information.

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That training, which Wilson said created a “militaristic culture” astatine the jail, included going successful cells of uncooperative inmates with shotguns with little than lethal rounds, shocking them with Tasers oregon spraying them with capsicum spray and utilizing holds that tin restrict breathing. They lone concisely touched connected calming inmates down oregon leaving them alone, according to an adept study Wilson asked for.

Prior to the incident, the aforesaid guards spent 15 minutes trying to speech Sutherland into voluntarily going to the proceeding and asked supervisors if they could bash thing different than onslaught him. But they got nary help, truthful Wilson said the deputies did what they were trained to bash — usage the Taser oregon capsicum spray.

A national probe remains unfastened to spot if Sutherland's civilian rights were violated, officials said.

Sutherland, 31, had been booked successful the Charleston County jailhouse the time earlier his decease connected a misdemeanor aft officers arrested him portion investigating a combat astatine a intelligence wellness and substance maltreatment center. His decease gained nationalist attraction aft region officials released video of the incidental months later.

Charleston County Detention Center Sgt. Lindsay Fickett and detention Deputy Brian Houle were fired 4 months aft Sunderland's death. Charleston County agreed to wage a $10 cardinal colony to Sutherland's family.

Sutherland's household said they were frustrated astatine the determination not to complaint the employees and adjacent angrier that jailhouse employees were allowed to dainty inmates truthful severely for truthful long.

“Twelve years of the aforesaid training, of the aforesaid argumentation — the rogue grooming — what did you deliberation was going to happen? But does that marque it a crime? I don’t know. Apparently not,” household lawyer Mark Peper said,

Sutherland's parent said she was aggravated astatine laws that don't support oregon assistance the mentally sick portion protecting officers who evidently bash wrong.

“I'm huffy astatine her. But not justly, due to the fact that she didn’t constitute the laws,” Amy Sutherland said of Wilson's determination not to complaint the employees.

In the videos released successful May, a lawman enters Sutherland's cell, trying to handcuff him. The deputies stun him and, with the electrodes inactive connected Sutherland, a 2nd serviceman fires the stun weapon again.

Sutherland tin beryllium heard saying, “I’m not resisting, officer.”

Sutherland was yet placed successful handcuffs with a deputy's genu connected his backmost for much than 2 minutes. “I can’t breathe,” Sutherland said.

Officials are aboriginal shown performing CPR, and Sutherland appears to beryllium unresponsive. One lawman says, “He got tased astir apt astir six to 8 times, astatine least.”

Wilson and her adept spent an hr briefing reporters connected the case. She called the authoritative videos of Sutherland's decease damning, disturbing and upsetting.

“We cognize what the deputies did. The question is wherefore did they bash it? What were they thinking? What were they feeling? What was their transgression intent? And that’s getting into someone’s mind,” Wilson said.

Wilson said the probe into the decease itself besides hampered her. The pathologist initially ruled Sutherland died from bosom problems and helium saw thing successful the videos that acrophobic him. The archetypal interviews of the 2 deputies did not delve into what they were thinking.

The solicitor hired Gary Raney, an adept who has studied much than 50 usage of unit and in-custody deaths, to reappraisal Sutherland's killing.

Raney said the guards did not springiness the capsicum spray capable clip to enactment earlier charging Sutherland.

Raney's study besides sharply criticized the policies the jailhouse utilized to get inmates retired of cells. He said they depended excessively heavy connected unit and coercion and excessively small connected communications and avoidance.

“You tin sprout bullets successful the aerial 99 times and thing would ever happen. But the 100th clip could termination somebody,” Raney said.

Charleston County Sheriff Kristin Graziano was sworn into bureau the time aft Sutherland's death. She has promised wide ranging changes successful jailhouse operations and however mentally sick inmates are treated.

At a quality league aft Wilson's announcement, Amy Sutherland called for the governor, authorities lawmakers and section leaders to enactment much wealth into treating radical with intelligence illness. She said each radical her lad dealt with from the jailhouse deputies to the radical astatine the intelligence attraction halfway who called officers successful the archetypal spot aft helium voluntarily sought assistance is liable for his death.

“Being mentally sick is simply a transgression successful this state. There’s nary help. There’s nary money,” Amy Sutherland said. "If it started right, it would person ended right.”


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