Rachel Maddow Says House Republicans Could Be Prosecuted For 1/6 Plot

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Rachel Maddow pointed retired that the 1/6 Committee knows who the Republicans are who participated successful the coup plot, and they could look transgression charges.

Maddow said:

Well, according to the investigation, a subordinate of Congress was moving with him on that. And the probe knows who that subordinate of Congress is, but they haven’t told america yet. They accidental they will, but they haven’t told america yet. 

The imaginable that these benignant of crosshairs, imaginable transgression liability is successful enactment present erstwhile it comes to the former president, and the imaginable that members of Congress were implicated successful what happened on January 6th, the imaginable that we’re getting to the portion where those members of Congress whitethorn astatine least beryllium subpoenaed, those members of Congress whitethorn person possible prosecution looming against them arsenic members of Congress, that’s possibly why things each of a abrupt consciousness so nuts close present successful Washington. 

It turns retired this January 6th investigation is getting somewhere. Somewhere seemingly serious. And this makes it a very stressful clip for everyone who was progressive successful the crippled I’m sure.

The Republicans Who Could Be Prosecuted Aren’t Who You Might Think

Many radical mightiness beryllium reasoning of the camera chasing pro-Trump House Republicans similar Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, and Marjorie Taylor Greene arsenic those who could beryllium facing prosecution, but the names to look retired for are radical similar Rep. Paul Gosar and Rep. Scott Perry.

The crushed wherefore Kevin McCarthy has been trying to hold and derail the probe is that it could person a devastating interaction connected the GOP.

If the grounds holds up, Republicans could beryllium facing a nightmare 2022 midterm.

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