'Shameless' photo that sparked outrage in China

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Chinese officials person accused "western media" of putting authorities "above sport" aft a photograph of Chinese weightlifter Hou Zhihui caused a monolithic stir.

Hou took the archetypal 49kg class weightlifting golden of the Tokyo Games connected Saturday but the mode the triumph was covered provoked nationalist choler successful the communist nation.

Chinese figures are unhappy astir photos utilized by media organisations astir the satellite erstwhile reporting her golden medal win.


The photograph shows the 24-year-old successful the mediate of her weightlifting regular during competition.

The photograph of Chinese weightlifter Hou Zhihui that sparked outrage. (Getty)

The Chinese embassy successful Sri Lanka archetypal tweeted: "Among each the photos of the games, @Reuters has chosen this one, which lone shows however disfigured they are.

"Don't enactment authorities and ideologies supra sports, and telephone yourself an unbiased media organisation. Shameless."

China's The Global Times besides published an nonfiction accusing the Reuters newswire work of "unfairly targeting China".

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"The enactment of the arguable photograph besides angered Chinese netizens," the study stated. "Some connected Sina Weibo said it lone exposes the "mean" look of Western media."

"See however evil they are, not respecting Hou astatine all," 1 idiosyncratic said. Another Weibo idiosyncratic commented that the "smear and defame won't halt Chinese athletes winning grant for the country."

Anger implicit overseas media reports astir Chinese players' information successful the Olympics was besides heightened erstwhile CNN's sum of the archetypal golden medal of the Olympics, which was claimed by Chinese shooter Yang Qian, was coupled with a header saying "Gold for China…and much COVID-19 cases."

Olympic aureate glory successful the excavation

While Chinese officials are complaining astir Hou's treatment, the weightlifter has reportedly been asked to stay successful Tokyo earlier flying home, nether the proposal of anti-doping officials.

Indian silver-medalist Mirabai Chanu could beryllium upgraded to the golden medal if Hou tests affirmative for a banned substance.

Hou's attraction hasn't been the lone contented to ruffle feathers successful Beijing. References to Taiwan, which has a abstracted squad from mainland China successful the Games, person besides dominated complaints connected Chinese societal media. Taiwan has been competing nether the sanction Chinese Taipei since the 1984 Olympics successful Los Angeles.

So erstwhile Japan's nationalist broadcaster NHK introduced the squad arsenic Taiwan during the opening ceremony, Chinese online streaming work Tencent Video stopped broadcasting, which led to galore viewers successful China missing the Chinese team's accomplishment successful the stadium.

The Chinese consulate successful New York besides took their concerns to US tv web NBC aft what it called an "incomplete" representation of China aired during the archetypal night. Officials were upset due to the fact that it did not see Taiwan oregon the South China Sea.

"Using a incorrect representation of #China is simply a existent deficiency of communal sense. Politicizing sports and violating the Olympics Charter spirits volition lone bash harm to the #Olympic Games and the narration betwixt the #Chinese and the #Americans," the consulate wrote connected Twitter connected Saturday.

Hong Kong Badminton subordinate Angus NG besides raised the ire of China for wearing a achromatic shirt.

Protesters who took to the streets successful Hong Kong successful 2019 wore achromatic and the colours became a awesome of the question captious of China.

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