'Shatner in Space' joins William Shatner on his trip to the final frontier

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(CNN)There are 2 arsenic valid reactions to "Shatner successful Space," an Amazon peculiar astir William Shatner's caller formation aboard Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin: A cynical one, with Amazon fundamentally utilizing the "Star Trek" histrion arsenic a surviving merchandise placement; and a much generous work seeing the 90-year-old Shatner giddily reaching the last frontier, this clip for real.

Wisely, the peculiar lone runs astir 47 minutes, capable clip to propulsion successful highlights from Shatner's career, present his companions and fto Bezos explicate his imaginativeness for abstraction question and its imaginable biology benefits, successful portion part helium and Shatner thrust horses and chat. (The programme contains a dedication to Glen de Vries, who died successful a level crash not agelong aft this experience.)

Both Bezos and de Vries marque wide during their conversations with Shatner that they were "Star Trek" nerds increasing up, and arsenic an added bonus, the producers sojourn a normal on with the actor, wherever there's plentifulness of enthusiasm astir Captain Kirk going to space. The lone existent cautionary note, understandably, comes from Shatner's kids, to whom helium breaks the quality of his plans connected camera.

    William Shatner aboard Blue Origin.

    Still, astir of that boils down to model dressing -- arsenic good arsenic a precise effectual infomercial for Blue Origin -- starring up to the main event, and the images of Shatner yet taking disconnected and gazing astatine the Earth from supra it. Moved to tears, helium keeps repeating "Oh wow" portion floating weightless, and aboriginal acknowledgment Bezos for what helium calls "the astir profound acquisition I could imagine."

      The public-relations worth of Shatner's engagement mightiness beryllium obvious, but the peculiar underscores conscionable however galore levels that encompassed. Shatner linked Blue Origin to the science-fiction-informed imaginativeness of space, the uplifting aboriginal that "Star Trek" represents and the reassuring thought that a nonagenarian could undertake the little travel and instrumentality nary worse for wear.

      Other celebrities, similar "Good Morning America's" Michael Strahan, volition follow, but Shatner's colorful, larger-than-life personality made him an perfect ambassador for what Bezos is seeking to accomplish, a applicable world that shouldn't beryllium mislaid connected anyone.

        Listening to Shatner's exultation aft landing, though, it was hard not to beryllium moved, astatine slightest a little. Having pretended being "out there," helium appeared to genuinely savor his accidental to spell where, for now, truthful fewer person gone before.

        "Shatner successful Space" is disposable connected Amazon Prime.

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