Simone Biles Withdraws From Olympic Team Competition

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July 27, 2021 -- American gymnastics superstar Simone Biles withdrew from the Olympics finals successful the squad contention connected Tuesday and said she was dealing with mental health issues.

After the U.S. women won the metallic medal, finishing 2nd to the Russian Olympic Committee team, Biles said she was withdrawing to “focus connected my good being.”

“There’s much to beingness than conscionable gymnastics,” Biles said. “It is precise unfortunate that it’s happening astatine this stage.”

Biles’ determination came aft she struggled connected her archetypal vault.

"Physically, I consciousness good, I'm successful shape," Biles told the Today show. "Emotionally, that benignant of varies connected the clip and moment. Coming present to the Olympics and being the caput prima isn't an casual feat, truthful we're conscionable trying to instrumentality it 1 time astatine a clip and we'll see."

USA Gymnastics astatine archetypal said a aesculapian contented was the origin for Biles’ withdrawal.

"Simone Biles has withdrawn from the squad last contention owed to a aesculapian issue. She volition beryllium assessed regular to find aesculapian clearance for aboriginal competitions,” USA Gymnastics said connected Twitter.

Biles, acknowledged arsenic the top gymnast successful history, hoped to pb the U.S. to a 3rd consecutive golden medal successful squad contention but withdrew from the lawsuit aft a astonishing landing disconnected the vault, ESPN reported.

She was expected to execute 2½ twists successful the aerial but appeared to alteration her caput successful midair, doing 1½ twists instead, according to ESPN.

Afterward, she spoke to a trainer earlier leaving the contention level with the squad doctor. She returned a fewer minutes later, hugged her teammates, enactment connected her warmup clothes, and cheered the squad for the remainder of the competition.

It’s unclear if Biles, 24, volition beryllium disposable Thursday for the all-around last and for different events, ESPN reported. She won 5 medals successful Rio de Janeiro astatine the 2016 Summer Games and had a accidental to triumph 5 much successful Tokyo.

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