Snopp Dogg was the highlight of Golden Globe nominations

2 years ago 592

(CNN)When it comes to pronouncing a clump of names aboriginal successful the morning, it's kid of hard being Snoop D-O-double G.

Rocking a reddish headdress and a brace of shades indoors (as 1 does erstwhile 1 is simply a superstar), Snoop work disconnected the names with creaseless flair and a fewer beauteous comic mispronunciations.

    After referring to champion supporting histrion successful a question representation nominee Ben Affleck arsenic "Been Aff-fleck," Snoop was speedy to apologize to the Academy Award winner.

      "My fault," Snoop said. "Sorry astir that, Ben."

      Affleck was nominated for his relation successful "The Tender Bar."

      Snoop besides struggled a spot with pronouncing "Ciarán Hinds," who was nominated for champion supporting histrion successful the movie "Belfast."

        "Work with maine now," Snoop quipped arsenic helium tried to get it together.

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