'Sport appeal, not sex appeal' on TV in Tokyo

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At an Olympics aiming to acceptable the highest level of tv standards, the caput of broadcasting astatine the Tokyo Games is trying to banish overly sexualised images of pistillate athletes.

"Sport appeal, not enactment appeal" is 1 mantra Olympic officials propulsion successful an effort to scope sex equity connected the tract of play and connected screen.


Chinese formation volleyballers successful action. (Xinhua News Agency via Getty Ima)

"You volition not spot successful our sum immoderate things that we person been seeing successful the past, with details and close-up connected parts of the body," Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) main enforcement Yiannis Exarchos said connected Monday.

That tin beryllium hard with state-of-the-art exertion filming sports — specified arsenic formation volleyball, gymnastics, swimming and way — wherever pistillate athletes' uniforms tin beryllium scant and skimpy.

Gymnasts from Germany sent a message against uniforms they judge exploit their sexuality by competing successful Tokyo wearing unitards that covered their legs to the ankle.

A stronger protestation was made this period distant from the Olympics. At a European formation handball event, Norway's women refused to play successful bikini bottoms and alternatively wanted to deterioration skin-tight shorts. They were fined for breaking covering rules.

The International Olympic Committee does not govern those kinds of rules for idiosyncratic sports, but it does tally OBS and controls the broadcast output from Tokyo shown to the world.

Germany's Kim Bui successful gymnastics enactment successful Tokyo. (dpa/picture confederation via Getty I)

"What we tin bash is to marque definite that our sum does not item oregon diagnostic successful immoderate peculiar mode what radical are wearing," Exarchos said.

To execute this, the IOC updated "Portrayal Guidelines" to steer each Olympic sports and their rights holders toward "gender-equal and fair" broadcasts of their events. Advice includes "do not absorption unnecessarily connected looks, covering oregon intimate assemblage parts" and reframing oregon deleting a "wardrobe malfunction ... to respect the integrity of the athlete."

The Olympic goals spell beyond ending sexualised images, Exarchos said.

More women's and mixed sex events are connected the Olympic programme and are scheduled much prominently. Women's finals are held aft men's finals successful volleyball and squad handball.

"We successful media person not yet done each that we tin do," said Exarchos, portion claiming advancement implicit the past 15 years. "This is thing that we request to beryllium frank and unfastened (about) among ourselves."

It's a taxable for the Tokyo Olympics, whose advisor connected sex equality was captious of Japanese media portion sharing the signifier Monday with the caput of Olympic broadcasting.

Margaret MacNeil of Canada competes successful Tokyo. (Getty)

"It's truly biased erstwhile it comes to gender," said Naoko Imoto, who swam for Japan astatine the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and present works for UNICEF, the United Nations children's rights agency.

"Many of the channels look astatine pistillate athletes (as) girls oregon wives oregon mothers and not truly arsenic axenic athletes," she said. "Most of it besides truly gives attraction to the looks saying ... they are beauteous oregon sexy."

The Tokyo Olympics person been positioned arsenic a accidental to thrust alteration successful Japanese nine and clasp diversity. Imoto said she hoped Japanese media and sports officials would speech aft the Games "about the standards of portrayal."

"They are almighty and they are besides beautiful, but they are not conscionable women," Imoto said, "they are athletes."

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