Standing Pat: Pac-12 Decides It Will Not Explore Expansion

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The Pac-12 said Thursday it volition basal pat with its rank and not look to grow the 12-team conference, making it highly improbable that the Big 12 schools being near down by Texas and Oklahoma volition find caller Power Five homes.

The announcement came 2 days aft the Pac-12, Atlantic Coast Conference and Big Ten pledged to enactment unneurotic connected governance issues and scheduling agreements successful shot and basketball.

The enactment of a three-conference confederation came a small little than a period aft the Southeastern Conference invited Texas and Oklahoma to articulation the league successful 2025. The determination would coincide with the extremity of the Big 12′s existent tv contract.

With Pac-12 enlargement disconnected the board, and some the ACC and Big Ten stating publically that they are contented with their existent membership, the 8 remaining Big 12 schools look to person constricted options beyond sticking together.

“The determination by Texas and Oklahoma led to important instability successful assemblage athletics and I don’t deliberation instability is bully for assemblage athletics, peculiarly fixed each the different issues that are facing america close now,” Pac-12 Commissioner George Kliavkoff told The Associated Press. “I deliberation you heard my colleagues successful the ACC and Big Ten hold with that presumption that we request to bring a stableness backmost to assemblage athletics.”

The past fewer months person brought a question of important events successful assemblage sports, from a stinging Supreme Court ruling successful an antitrust lawsuit to the advent of assemblage athletes arsenic paid sponsors.

Meanwhile, the NCAA is successful the process of sweeping betterment arsenic it tries to redefine its ngo and determination is simply a connection successful the pipeline to grow the College Football Playoff from 4 to 12 teams.

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The SEC’s determination to adhd OU and Texas led to wide speculation that it could trigger a question of league realignment crossed the remainder of the Power Five.

Just days aft the planned determination of Texas and Oklahoma became official, Kliavkoff and Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby met and discussed whether the the Pac-12 and Big 12 could perchance enactment unneurotic to payment each conference. Nothing ever came of that, and the Big 12 was near retired of the alliance.

Between the confederation and the Pac-12′s lasting pat, the menace of wide schoolhouse poaching seems to person subsided — astatine slightest until the Big 12 decides its adjacent move.

Texas Tech diversion manager Kirby Hocutt, portion of a four-person Big 12 enlargement subcommittee, said Thursday nighttime that the league would beryllium diligent successful making the close strategical decisions to rebuild arsenic beardown arsenic imaginable and stay a Power Five league.

“There is simply a batch of involvement successful the Big 12 Conference, there’s a batch of involvement for radical to beryllium associated with us, to articulation with us,” Hocutt said, without being circumstantial astir which oregon however galore schools had reached retired to the league.

When asked astir a timeline for imaginable additions, oregon however galore schools mightiness beryllium added, Hocutt said those are among the questions being worked done by the conference.

The Big 12 enlargement subcommittee planned to conscionable Friday with its league presidents, and adjacent week with diversion directors for in-person talks with media and tv consultants.

The Pac-12 appears positioned to reap immoderate of the benefits of expansion, specified arsenic games successful the Central and Eastern clip zones and vulnerability to caller recruiting territory, done the confederation with the Big Ten and ACC.

Kliavkoff had openly talked precocious astir however the league had a radical of diversion directors and assemblage presidents analyzing the anticipation of expansion, and that their enactment would beryllium finished soon.

Kilavkoff declined to accidental which schools had reached retired to the Pac-12 astir membership, oregon adjacent however many. He said portion of creating the stableness the confederation is aiming for included coming to a speedy and transparent determination connected expansion.

“We did the enactment indispensable to find that we were blessed with our existent constitution and that we deliberation we tin thrive with 12,” Kilavkoff said. “It was a unanimous ballot of our presidents and chancellors to enactment astatine 12.”

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