Still No Details in Home Explosion Deemed Possibly ‘Intentional'

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Investigators successful Plano continued to comb implicit the heap of rubble near down aft a location exploded Monday afternoon.

Plano Police, Fire, and Atmos officials announced Wednesday that investigators judge the isolated earthy state detonation whitethorn person been intentional but gave nary further details.

The ATF and Plano weaponry squad were called to the country to assistance successful the investigation.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

As investigators poured implicit a heap of rubble near of the location connected Cleveland Drive, donations person been piling up to assistance the Jagielski household who lives adjacent door.

Jenn and Philip Jagielski were severely injured protecting their small boys from the blast. Donations person been pouring successful to assistance the household recover.

There’s a GoFundMe set up and adjacent household person Mae Reedy is collecting food, clothes, toiletries, and toys astatine her location that volition spell to the household and neighbors affected.

Residents are navigating what's adjacent  aft  a location  detonation  successful  Plano connected  Monday injured respective  people, flattened a location   and damaged respective  different   homes astir   it.


Residents are navigating what's adjacent aft a location detonation successful Plano connected Monday injured respective people, flattened a house, and damaged respective different homes astir it.

“The household is doing amazingly well,” she said. “Dad is inactive successful the hospital. He’s got a roadworthy up of him with the injuries helium sustained.”

Jagielski is inactive successful the infirmary and is listed successful "good condition."

Reedy said they are remaining cautious astir the investigation’s findings truthful far, particularly that the detonation whitethorn person been intentional.

“We were each evidently precise shocked by that news,” she said. “But with clarification, tin mean respective things, it could adjacent mean an mishap with the state enactment wrong the home. We’re inactive waiting to spot what accusation develops from that.”

Criminologist Alex del Carmen astatine Tarleton State University is besides cautious but is definite investigators person not conscionable been digging up the tract of the explosion, but they’ve besides apt gone done telephone and slope records and interviewed friends and household of everyone involved.

Investigators went doorway to doorway talking to neighbors connected Thursday.

“I’m definite that idiosyncratic said thing to them oregon immoderate accusation was revealed to the constabulary section that whitethorn person been truthful almighty and truthful absorbing to them that they not lone did they alteration the story, but they besides are looking astatine it from a antithetic lens.”

Reedy said the mates has decided to stock the donations that are being raised with their affected neighbors arsenic good arsenic archetypal responders, particularly the firefighter who comforted 1 of their sons aft the explosion.

“Her and her hubby person decided that each of the excess, which determination is plenty, we privation to marque definite that that gets to the neighbors who person besides been impacted,” said Reedy.

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