Surge of COVID-19 Cases in Dallas County Concerns Health Officials

3 months ago 17
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With the commencement of the schoolhouse twelvemonth close astir the corner, Dallas County wellness officials are expressing interest arsenic the fig of COVID-19 cases continues to climb.

“We person made important advancement implicit the past six months and we conscionable don't privation to spell backward,” said Christian Grisales, a spokesperson for the Dallas County Health and Human Services. “And it seems that that's what's happening due to the fact that radical are not getting the vaccine.”

Last week the fig of caller COVID-19 cases successful the region ranged from 600-800 cases a day. Those who enactment successful healthcare said they tin consciousness the impact.

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“It’s precise frustrating to cognize that the numbers are rising owed to the request and accent that it puts connected the healthcare system,” registered caregiver Xaquita Wicks said.

On Friday, Dallas County wellness officials upgraded the COVID-19 menace level to orangish oregon “extreme caution," urging unvaccinated residents to instrumentality precautions including wearing masks and avoiding ample crowds.

“When I spell to parties, I inactive effort to deterioration my disguise and inactive societal region arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. I’m not successful denial, I cognize that COVID is inactive around,” said Laurent Alexander, an unvaccinated resident.

Yet the interest for galore is that with the diminution successful vaccinations and the emerging delta variant, things whitethorn get worse earlier they get better.

“You know, conscionable erstwhile we thought we had it nether power present it’s similar we’re backmost astatine quadrate one,” Wicks said.

With the opening of schoolhouse close astir the corner, wellness officials said the timing is critical. That’s wherefore they’re going door-to-door and urging residents successful ZIP codes with debased vaccination rates to get the changeable successful bid to support themselves and their loved ones.

“We don't privation to spell back, we privation to determination forward. And the mode to determination guardant is by getting the vaccine,” Grisales said.

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