Suspected Gunman in Lyft, Plano PD Shootings Dies, Possibly Inspired by Foreign Terrorists: FBI

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The suspected gunman successful 2 abstracted shootings that killed a Lyft operator successful Garland and targeted radical wrong the Plano Police Department connected Sunday has died, constabulary say.

Imran Ali Rasheed, 32, "may person been inspired by a overseas violent enactment to perpetrate these crimes," an FBI authoritative said.

Dallas FBI Special Agent successful Charge Matthew De Sarno made wide that "inspired by" an enactment does not mean Rasheed was directed by an extracurricular group.

The section constabulary departments said they notified the FBI erstwhile they discovered a enactment Rasheed near successful his vehicle, but De Sarno did not spell into item astir a imaginable motive successful either incident.

Police said the archetypal shooting happened conscionable earlier noon successful the 400 artifact of Forest Gate Drive successful Garland, constabulary said.

Authorities identified the Lyft operator Monday arsenic 26-year-old Isabella Ann Lewis. There was nary denotation Lewis and Rasheed knew each other, conscionable that she picked him up for a Lyft ride, Garland constabulary Chief Jeff Bryan said.

Authorities were trying to find if determination was a transportation betwixt 2 incidents successful abstracted Dallas suburbs Sunday, 1 which resulted successful the wounding of a antheral who opened occurrence wrong a constabulary presumption and different which progressive the decease of a Lyft driver.


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Lewis' car was aboriginal located extracurricular the Plano Police Department, wherever authorities said a gunman, identified Monday arsenic Rasheed, fired a handgun astatine a civilian constabulary employee.

Plano constabulary Chief Ed Drain said an serviceman responded and fired 3 rounds, each of which struck Rasheed, who was taken to a section hospital, wherever helium died astir 2 hours later.

Because an serviceman was progressive successful the shooting, Drain said the section was conducting a reappraisal with the Collin County District Attorney's Office.

He added that Rasheed was not a Plano nonmigratory and did not cognize wherefore helium went to the city's constabulary department.

Rasheed was connected the FBI's radar 8 years ago, De Sarno said, but a counterterrorism cognition conducted from 2010-13 determined that Rasheed "did not airs a threat."

De Sarno said the probe was thoroughly reviewed Sunday and helium was assured it was done "thoroughly and properly."

The FBI asked anyone with applicable accusation astir Rasheed oregon Sunday's incidental to taxable it astatine oregon by calling 1-800-CALL-FBI.

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