Tawakoni Volunteer Firefighter Battling COVID-19 in Hospital

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What the Tawakoni Volunteer Fire Department whitethorn deficiency successful size, they marque up for with heart.

“You're giving you clip up. You're dropping what you're doing to travel assistance idiosyncratic else,” said Chris Burkett, Chief of the Tawakoni Vol. Fire Dept.

When calls travel in, usually it's Assistant Chief Curtis Hough who heads out.

Mikey Kline said it was Hough who showed up erstwhile helium collapsed a fewer weeks ago.

“He was there. He saved my life,” Kline said.

Now, it's the helper who needs help.

“I emotion him. He's my leader and I privation him to fight, fight, fight,” Kline said.


The latest quality from astir North Texas.

Hough tested affirmative for COVID-19 connected August 3, Burkett said, and was admitted to Hunt County Regional Hospital.

He's been connected a ventilator for astir 3 weeks.

“Curtis has ever been my right-hand antheral and to spot him successful the authorities he's in, it's hard,” Burkett said.

Burkett says Hough had an assignment to get vaccinated the time helium was hospitalized.

“That's the hardest portion astir it,” Burkett said.

The full municipality is coming unneurotic to assistance Hough and his woman Shannon, who's an EMT, firefighter and teacher.

“We’ll clasp the enactment portion you're not capable to,” said David Rutherford, Captain of the Tawakoni South Volunteer Fire Dept.

They're raising wealth done a non-profit that helps veterans, similar Hough, and raising awareness

“You gotta beryllium cautious guys,” Burkett said.

“I privation him to travel backmost home,” Kline said.

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