Texas Law Increases Penalties for Injuring Pedestrians During Car Crash

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A caller Texas instrumentality took effect connected Wednesday that allows inattentive drivers to beryllium charged with a Class A misdemeanor if they origin bodily harm to a pedestrian.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, if the pedestrian is earnestly injured, drivers whitethorn beryllium recovered blameworthy of a authorities jailhouse felony.

The caller law, the Lisa Torry Smith Act, was inspired by a tragedy. The instrumentality is named for a precocious Houston country ma who was killed successful a crosswalk by a negligent operator portion she was taking her lad to school.

TxDOT said the caller instrumentality aims to support pedestrians, cyclists, radical operating motor-assisted scooters, vicinity electrical vehicles, oregon play carts.

The operator successful Lisa Torry Smith's clang was capable to locomotion distant from the incidental without facing immoderate transgression charges, but nether the caller instrumentality that took effect connected Wednesday, Texas drivers tin present beryllium criminally liable if they collide with a pedestrian successful a crosswalk, TxDOT said.

The caller instrumentality besides requires drivers to halt and output to pedestrians oregon cyclists who are decently successful an intersection.

TxDOT said pedestrian deaths relationship for 1 successful 5 of each postulation fatalities.

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In 2020, determination were 4,852 postulation crashes involving pedestrians successful Texas, resulting successful 731 fatalities and 1,211 superior injuries.

From 2016 to 2020, pedestrian fatalities resulting from postulation crashes accrued 5 percent, TxDOT said.

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