Texas School System Closes After 2 Teachers Die of COVID-19

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A Central Texas schoolhouse territory closed its schools until aft the Labor Day vacation Tuesday aft 2 teachers died past week of COVID-19.

Connally Independent School District officials closed its 5 suburban Waco schools for the remainder of the week aft the Saturday COVID-19 decease of Natalia Chansler, 41, a sixth people societal studies teacher astatine Connally Junior High School, said Assistant Superintendent Jill Bottelberghe.

Chansler’s decease came days aft David McCormick, 59, a seventh people societal studies teacher astatine Connally Junior High, died of COVID-19, Bottelberghe said.

It was not instantly known if either teacher was vaccinated.

Connally High School shot manager Terry Gerik says the Cadets volition play La Vega arsenic scheduled Friday night.

The schoolhouse has had 51 confirmed COVID-19 cases since classes began Aug. 18, Bottelberghe said Monday. She added that much cases had been confirmed successful the past fewer days, but she did not cognize if immoderate person been straight traced backmost to Chansler.

“We person not recovered immoderate correlation” betwixt the 2 deaths, Bottelberghe said. “They were astatine 2 antithetic people levels adjacent though they worked nether the aforesaid contented area, but we person recognized that determination has been an summation successful dispersed arsenic acold arsenic passim our pupil assemblage astatine those 2 people levels.”

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In a Monday email, Superintendent Wesley Holt said the anticipation “is that the closure and vacation interruption volition supply those who are affirmative with the microorganism oregon exposed to others with the virus, the clip to isolate and recover. This closure volition besides let clip for heavy cleaning and sanitizing of each CISD facilities.”

The rolling seven-day mean of caller regular COVID-19 cases successful Texas was 15,400 cases arsenic of Sunday, according to information from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rolling seven-day mean of regular COVID-19 deaths successful Texas was 200 per day.

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